Martin Lawrence And Will Smith Arrive At ‘Bad Boys For Life’ Premiere In Style

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Will Smith and Martin Lawrence celebrated like kings last night in Hollywood during the premiere of their ‘Bad Boys For Life‘ film.

The premiere went down at the famous TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Martin and Will arrived to the premiere in a pretty balla’ car, and of course Will was the one driving. His character in the Bad Boys franchise is also clowning on Martin for his driving.

Martin’s entire family was there to support him during the premiere, and Will had his son’s Trey and Jaden.

But let’s get to the important stuff. What are the critics saying about this film? Well, the reactions have been mixed-to-mostly positive. It sits at a comfortable 77% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but there are a few, “Well, it’s not that bad” reviews counted.

Some critics complained that it was “tired” and was a “shoot-by-numbers affair” which is not exactly surprising. They’re going to stick with what made the previous films a success.

One interesting thing though is that people are really hyped on the ending, even those who didn’t like the film.

Bilge Ebiri from Vulture wrote…

Overall, Bad Boys for Life is probably a wash, but it ends so well that I now find myself not entirely opposed to the idea of a fourth Bad Boys entry. Whatcha gonna do?

Hmm. You have my attention. What is this ending all about? ANY GUESSES?




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