It Will Be Keanu Reeves vs. Common In John Wick 2, Get The Details Inside!

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As the excitement continues to build for the upcoming John Wick sequel, we are beginning to learn a few more things about the movie. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Common has joined John Wick 2 as the primary antagonist.

His role has been described as “the movie’s chief villain, a head of security for a female crime lord.” Sadly, that’s the most we know about this sequel. Plot details are being locked away inside some secret room being guarded by Keanu Reeves himself. They are being super secretive about this project.

Some people might know Common as only a rapper, but here lately he’s proven himself to be a surprisingly talented actor. He played the role of James Bevel in Selma, and he displayed some serious villainous skills in Liam Neeson‘s thriller Run All Night. He’s also scheduled to appear in Barbershop 3 and Suicide Squad, so it’s safe to say he’s doing just fine in Hollywood.

When will John Wick 2 start filming? Well, according to multiple sites, director Chad Stahelski and the crew will begin shooting this week. As of right now, we don’t know have a scheduled release date, but you should keep checking back.

More details should start coming out soon.

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