Mindy Kaling Is Set To Write ‘Legally Blonde 3’

If you don’t remember, Reese Witherspoon agreed to star in another Legally Blonde sequel back in 2018.

This third film in the franchise has been moving slowly over the past year or two, but now it’s starting to come together.

We’re hearing that Mindy Kaling and Dan Goor will write the screenplay for the project. Goor and Kaling previously teamed up together to write the script for the upcoming wedding comedy starring Priyanka Chopra.

Reese will star in the film and produce through her Hello Sunshine production company.

Legally Blonde was a success for MGM in 2001, grossing $141.8 million worldwide. The film followed a perky sorority sister attempting to win back her ex-boyfriend by getting a law degree from Harvard University while remaining relentlessly upbeat and usually clad in pink.

The sequel, ‘Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde‘, made over $120 million when it was released in 2003.

No word on a potential release date for this third film, but considering they’re just now writing the script, it could be a minute.

Reese Witherspoon Makes It Official On Twitter, Will Star In ‘Legally Blonde 3’

Earlier this week we shared a report with you all which claimed Reese Witherspoon was close to signing a deal to return to the ‘Legally Blonde‘ franchise.

It was reported that the third film in the franchise could be released as soon as 2019, and now we have official confirmation from Witherspoon herself.

She went on her Twitter account early Thursday morning to post the video you see below, which shows her wearing the pink sequin bikini her character wore in the original 2001 film.



No word on a release date yet, but again, expect to see this film released by 2020. The writers (Kirsten Smith and Karen McCullah) from the first movie will return for this third installment.

“Again, from Deadline’s report: with Smith and McCullah back as writers, the third film will likely continue with the message of female empowerment, something that is especially important given the current climate in Hollywood and beyond”

It truly is the perfect time for a Legally Blonde 3, so good on them for recognizing the moment and taking advantage of it.

We will keep you posted as more information is released.

MGM Close To Finalizing Deal With Reese Witherspoon To Bring Back ‘Legally Blonde’ Franchise

It looks like the world will be getting a Legally Blonde 3 soon, ’cause why the hell not? Everything else is getting a sequel. I truly believe that’s the entire pitch meeting. They just walk in the room and say, “Everyone else is doing it!”

Deadline reports that MGM is close to securing a deal with Reese Witherspoon to have her come back as the idealistic Elle Woods.

“The pic is coming together quickly. Kirsten ‘Kiwi’ Smith and Karen McCullah, who adapted the Amanda Brown novel for the 2001 first film, are in final talks to write the script. Original producer Marc Platt and his Platt Productions president Adam Siegel are producing, and they will be joined this time by Witherspoon, through her Hello Sunshine banner.”

As mentioned above, the original film was released in 2001, the sequel Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde, came out in 2003.

So it’s been 15 years since the sequel, which means the audience who loved it back then has grown up significantly. It’ll be interesting to see if the franchise grows up as well, or if they’ll continue to target a younger audience.

We will keep you posted as more information is released. If everything comes together, expect to see this movie in theaters by 2020. They move fast these days, so possibly even 2019.

Movie Review: Hot Pursuit – Witherspoon and Vergara Are Wasted Star Power On a Flat Script

hot pursuit scared face - 25MAY2015

When I saw the previews for Hot Pursuit, I was really hoping for a buddy comedy along the lines of 21 Jump Street. Instead, what I got was a humorous take on the Madonna and the Whore, and I have to say, I was not laughing. In fact, I might have flipped off the screen more than once. I was not surprised to see this script was written by two men. What did surprise me was that those men weren’t 13-year-old boys.

We meet the Madonna, i.e. Cooper (Reese Witherspoon). She’s an uptight, innocent cop whose been working in the evidence room ever since she tasered someone for no good reason. In order to break out of the evidence room, Cooper gladly takes an assignment escorting the Whore, i.e. Daniela Riva (Sofia Vergara) to Dallas. Riva is the widow of a high ranking drug kingpin. Of course, because they’re girls, there’s no way they can make a simple road trip without everything going wrong and the two are soon fugitives fleeing the law.

Then, they can only use their feminine wiles to stay one step ahead of the bad guys coming to get them. These wiles include lots of menstruation jokes, girls making out, cat fights and a few granny panty scenes. I have to say, I was a bit surprised that there were no pillow fights or mud wrestling.

The characters in this film are one note jokes and people laughed at them, not with them. Cooper is chatty, twangy and irritating in a way I haven’t seen since Raising Arizona, but not in a good way. Vergara is a sexpot with a suitcase full of expensive shoes and a stereotypical Columbian temper.



The thing is it’s not impossible to do a female-centric comedy without resorting to stupid, tired stereotypes. Movies like Bridesmaids and The Heat pulled it off, so why not this one? This feels like a comedy written about women, for men. You get to look at a couple of bumbling girls, who’d rather drag a suitcase of shoes with them than live, and you get to laugh at them as you mutter “it’s so true. Bitches be trippin.”

The thing is both Witherspoon and Vergara are excellent comedic actresses. They’re genuinely funny women but this script was something less. They did what they could with it, but the situations they were put in didn’t allow them to step out of the boxes they were placed in. As a result, the huge amount of money they probably paid those two actresses went to complete waste.

Women can be funny without being stereotypes. The writers of this script don’t seem to get that. While there were a few laughs, including the trunk full of cocaine and the deer carcass scene, most of them were just bad.

I wouldn’t waste my money in the theater on this one. Despite some strong star power, the script falls flat because it’s weighed down with stereotypes. While it might be good for a guilty chuckle from the privacy of your home, it’s not worth the watch in the theater.

WE GAVE IT: 2.5 Stars

2.5 Stars


[youtube id=”fUeOBdxSjc8″ width=”680″ height=”383″]

hot-pursuit-official movie poster - 25MAY2015

Reese Witherspoon To Produce And Star In Disney’s Live-Action Tinker Bell Movie


The actress with the best last name in Hollywood has just landed one of the best roles in Hollywood. According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, Witherspoon will star in Disney’s Tink, a live-action film following around the lovable Peter Pan character, Tinker Bell.

She will also produce the movie under her Pacific Standard production company. As of right now, Reese is the only star attached to the project, and there doesn’t appear to be a director on board just yet.

But it does have a writer. Finding Dory writer Victoria Strouse has been hired to write the script. Not much else is known about the project; however, the report did point out that the film will “play with the idea and the timeline of the well-known Peter Pan narrative.”

Insiders also claim Tink will offer a new perspective on the character, which doesn’t really help us in our search for more details. Of course it’s going to be a new perspective on the character.

One thing is clear, Disney is going live-action crazy. After scoring big with Cinderella and Maleficent, Disney announced live-action adaptations of Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Pinocchio, Dumbo, Winnie the Pooh, and now this new Tinker Bell film.

Which movie will be next? Any guesses?