Ricky Gervais Defends Chris Rock’s Oscars Joke, Says He’s Also Suffering From Alopecia!

Ricky Gervais, the co-creator of the U.K. version of ‘The Office’, is finally addressing the slap heard ’round the world.

People were waiting for Gervais to comment on the incident, considering he is known as one of the most brutal hosts in awards history. He would straight up roast celebrities at the Golden Globes, and yet, no one ever jumped the stage to slap him.

During a live Twitter Q&A, the 60-year-old comedian/actor said you should never hit someone over a joke, no matter how bad it is. But he notes, the joke Chris Rock made wasn’t even that bad.

That was like the tamest joke I would ever have told. Someone said it was joking about her disability. Well, I’m going a bit thin, so I’m disabled. That means I can park right up next to [British supermarket] Tesco now. And I’m fat. That’s a disease, isn’t it? I’m fat and balding. I should get f**king benefits.

Of course, Twitter did NOT like this. They slammed Gervais for mocking alopecia. And while Gervais is an asshole, he’s an asshole with a point.

No one should go out of their way to mock someone. I mean, why would you want to make someone feel bad?

That being said, the internet has gone so far in the other direction that it’s honestly a little concerning. Humor helps people get through bad times. We often make jokes during our most miserable moments because it eases the pain.

If we lose the ability to laugh at ourselves… then I don’t know. Future looks bleak. There’s a middle ground we need to land on.

The Academy Is In Shambles Following Secret Zoom Call With Will Smith And Academy President David Rubin

Yikes. Will Smith just can’t quit starting drama. You all know about the slap by now. If you somehow missed it, then we’re just going to assume you’re not human.

In a new report by Deadline, sources say members of the Academy, specifically members on the Board of Governors, are pissed after finding out about a previously undisclosed meeting between Smith and Academy President David Rubin and CEO Dawn Hudson.

The six-minute Zoom call reportedly went down on March 29, two days after Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars. The call was set up by Smith because he wanted to apologize once again.

The new shockwave is hitting hard because those in the Academy’s Board of Governors meeting yesterday beginning disciplinary procedures against Smith weren’t in the know.

They want to know why Rubin and Hudson would keep this information from them, “It only contributes to to an atmosphere of suspicion and lack of leadership,” one insider told Deadline.

The next scheduled meeting between the Board of Governors is set for April 18, but some people on the board are now wondering what else they don’t know about.

What else don’t we know about what’s happening or what happened on Sunday? This lack of transparency undermines our ability to come to a suitable resolution to the whole thing.

Sounds like Rubin has some work to do in order to gain the trust of his people.

Will Smith Dances To “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” Following Best Actor Win

If you were hoping Will Smith would show some remorse for his actions during the 2022 Oscars, well, you better keep hoping!

After slapping Chris Rock and cursing him out during the live broadcast, Will Smith won the award for Best Actor for his performance in King Richard. He gave a tearful speech, talking about how he wants to protect those around him and spread love.

Following the show, Smith danced the night away at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. He made sure his presence was known by dancing to his hit ’90s song, Gettin Jiggy Wit It.

Check out the clip below…

I mean, I guess you can’t really expect him to just go home after such a night. After all, he did win his FIRST Academy Award, so it was a pretty big deal. He had been chasing that Oscar win for a long time. We all remember this, right?

That being said, he should probably address this situation in a more in depth way. Heck, I would even like for him to sit down with Chris Rock. Maybe they can have a conversation. That would be nice to see. Who knows if that will happen though.

Awards Were Handed Out At The 2022 Oscars, Let’s Look At Them

Well, we all know about the biggest moment from the 2022 Oscars. Will Smith slapped Chris Rock and then cursed him out on live television. It was a truly shocking moment, and we covered it all on our sister site. Check it out by clicking here.

But since this is a movie site, we’re going to attempt to focus on the actual awards handed out last night, becasue some were pretty damn important.

We’ll start with Questlove. In his directorial debut, he took home the award for Best Original Documentary for the beautiful Summer of Soul doc. It was a well deserved victory, but one that was unfortunately swallowed by Will Smith’s ego.

When Rock made his joke about Jada, he was presenting the award for Best Original Documentary, so Questlove had to follow up ‘The Slap’

So in case you were too busy checking Twitter, you can watch Questlove’s speech below…

Another important win? Troy Kotsur became the first deaf man in academy history to win an Oscar for acting. He was without question the best part of ‘CODA‘ and without him, the film wouldn’t have been nearly as good.

You can check out his speech below…

For me, those were the two most important wins of the night. I don’t think CODA deserved to win Best Picture. I very much believe Kotsur deserved to win for best supporting actor, but like I said, he was the best part of the movie.

The film as a whole? It was average. Of course, the representation is beyond lovely. Obviously in support of that, but the best picture? Not sure I can get behind that.

What do you think? Who did you have for best picture?

‘West Side Story’ Star Rachel Zegler Says She Did Not Get An Invite To The Oscars

In total, ‘West Side Story‘ was nominated for seven awards at the upcoming 2022 Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director. And even though it’s up for two of the biggest nominations of the night, its leading lady did not receive an invite to attend.

Rachel Zegler, who played Maria in the film, was asked by a fan on Instagram what she’d be wearing to the Oscars, and she replied with, “I’m not invited, so sweatpants and my boyfriend’s flannel.”

Obviously her fans were shocked, so she added more:

IDK y’all I have tried it all but it doesn’t seem to be happening. I will root for ‘West Side Story’ from my couch and be proud of the work we so tirelessly did 3 years ago. I hope some last-minute miracle occurs and I can celebrate our film in person but hey, that’s how it goes sometimes, I guess. thanks for all the shock and outrage — I’m disappointed, too. but that’s OK. So proud of our movie.

People were quick to slam the Academy, but according to insiders, the majority of the blame actually falls on the studios. The Academy gives studios a certain amount of tickets, and the studios decide who to invite. West Side Story was a Disney production, so at least some of the blame falls on them.

That being said, we’re sure the Academy could add an extra seat for her if they truly cared. When news spread online about Zegler’s snub, fans started slamming the upcoming awards event.

The hate was so intense that Zegler had to step in and basically tell people to calm down…

With the Oscars just six days away now, we’ll see if a miracle happens for Zegler.

‘The Power of the Dog’ Wins Best Film At BAFTAs, ‘Dune’ Takes Home Five Awards

The Academy Awards will air in just two weeks now, but before we get there, we look to the BAFTAs for potential clues on how the Oscars might go.

The most celebrated event in the British film industry went down this past weekend, featuring its first live audience since before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Things almost appeared to be normal. It only took two years to get there.

Going back over twenty years now, the best picture at the BAFTAs has lined up with the best picture at the Oscars nine out of 21 times. Last year, ‘Nomadland’ won the top prize at both the Oscars and BAFTAs. From 2010 through 2014, the award shows lined up every year.

After that winning streak, their radar was off till last year. In 2015 the BAFTAs went with ‘Boyhood’ while ‘Birdman’ won Best Picture at the Oscars. Likewise in 2016, they opted for ‘The Revenant’ instead of the academy’s choice ‘Spotlight.’ In 2017, the British embraced ‘La La Land’ over eventual Oscar winner ‘Moonlight.’ In 2018, the BAFTAs opted for the home-grown ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’ over ‘The Shape of Water.’ In 2019, the British pic was ‘Roma’ while the Best Picture prize went to ‘Green Book.’ And in 2020, the English epic ‘1917’ prevailed here over eventual Oscar champ ‘Parasite.’

So as you can see, they don’t always line up. That being said, ‘The Power of the Dog’ does appear to be the frontrunner, but I could also see West Side Story winning as well.

According to the betting sites, Power of the Dog is the clear favorite, followed by Belfast, CODA and West Side Story.

We’ll just have to wait and see. The Oscars will air on March 27, 2022. Get yo’ popcorn ready.

Regina Hall, Amy Schumer And Wanda Sykes Set To Host The Oscars

After three years of no hosts at the Oscars, the Academy Awards have decided to flip the script by giving us THREE hosts this year.

It was announced on Monday that Amy Schumer, Wanda Sykes and Regina Hall will host the Oscars on March 27, 2022. The ceremony will be produced by ‘Girls Trip’ producer Will Packer.

Packer released the following statement:

This year’s show is all about uniting movie lovers. It’s apropos that we’ve lined up three of the most dynamic, hilarious women with very different comedic styles. I know the fun Regina, Amy and Wanda will be having will translate to our audience as well. Many surprises in store!  Expect the unexpected!

This is the first time the show will feature three hosts since 1987, when Chevy Chase, Paul Hogan and Goldie Hawn hosted the ceremony. It will be the first female trio to host ever.

Schumer said in a statement…

I’m not sure who thought this was a good idea but I am hosting the Oscars, along with my good friend Wanda Sykes and Regina Hall. I better go watch some movies.

We’ll see what they can come up with. Can they bring back fun to the Oscars?

Josh Brolin Slams The Oscars For Not Giving Denis Villeneuve Directing Nom For ‘Dune’

It’s “in” right now to hate on the Oscars. Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Rogen, and now Josh Brolin have slammed the Academy Awards this past week, all for different reasons. Rogen just thinks the awards are dumb in general, Kimmel had beef that Spider-Man: No Way Home didn’t get a Best Picture nomination, and pondered why all Oscar nominations have to be serious.

And then Brolin? Well, he was extremely upset that ‘Dune‘ director Denis Villeneuve failed to receive a nomination for Best Director.

It was perhaps one of the bigger snubs this year. After all, Dune was nominated for 10 Oscars, including Best Picture, but for some reason Villeneuve didn’t get nominated for Best Director. It’s a bit of a head scratcher, considering the film earned nominations in every individual crafts category.

Brolin posted a video to Instagram to speak out against the snub…

And the unbelievable, almost numbing, flummoxing I feel for Denis Villeneuve not being nominated for best director. It’s just one of those things where you go, ‘Huh? What?!’ I don’t know how you get 10 nominations and then the guy who has done the impossible with that book doesn’t get nominated. It makes you realize that it’s all amazing and then it’s all f–king totally dumb. So congratulations for the amazing accomplishments that these incredibly talented people have been acknowledged for, because it’s all really, really dumb.

Yikes. You have to wonder how the crew feels about this, you know, the ones who were actually nominated. The Academy can be petty, so what if Brolin’s comments hurt their chances of winning? Maybe he should have raised hell after the ceremony.

But it’s out there now. It’s super hot to hate the Oscars right now. Join the party!

Watch The Trailer For Belgium’s Oscar Entry ‘Playground’

One of the films shortlisted for Best International Feature is Belgium’s very own ‘Playground

The film documents the harsh reality of playground bullying. It tells the story of a 7-year-old girl named Nora who sees her big brother Abel being bullied at school.

When she tries to tell their father Abel dissuades her, imploring her to remain silent. Nora must navigate her way between the brutality of the children’s world and its adult counterpart as she tries to work out her loyalties.

The story is told through the eyes of Nora, and it’s been receiving rave reviews following special screenings at the San Sebastian and the BFI film festivals. Critics have described it as “raw” and “unsettling”

Laura Wandel, who directed and wrote the film’s screenplay worked on the film for five years, thoroughly researching the subject of schoolyard politics. She says she wanted to show the playground as a ‘micro-society,’ and for adults to think about how much of our own behavior is formed in its shadow.

U.S. rights have been acquired by Film Movement, so there should be some sort of release here in the states.

Check out the trailer below…

2022 Oscars Shortlist Is Out, And It Looks Like ‘Titane’ Was Too Weird For The Academy

So The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has revealed the shortlists in 10 categories for the upcoming 94th Oscars ceremony. The voting concluded on December 15th, and voting on the remaining titles begins on January 27.

One of the categories that got a shortlist reveal was Best International Feature. And one of the most obvious snubs is the omission of France’s ‘Titane‘ film from Julia Ducournau, who became just the second woman in history to win the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

Unfortunately, the flick was probably just a little too weird for some Academy members. After all, the main character consistently has sex with a car in the movie. But still, it was a highly entertaining film that took a chance and tried something new, and for that it should have been included in the shortlist.

The shortlist was also released for Best Original Song, and Beyonce is up there twice for her work on The Harder They Fall and King Richard. We’ll see if both songs can squeeze in. If so, she’ll have two nominations in the category.

The biggest pop stars in the world are among the list, including Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi, who are co-writers on the song from ‘Don’t Look Up,’ Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas on their already Grammy-winning number from ‘No Time to Die’ and Jennifer Hudson, who is looking for a double Oscar nom in actress and original song with ‘Respect.’

The full list of nominations will be announced on February 8th, 2022, followed by the ceremony on March 27, 2022.