Movie Review: Being Charlie – A Strange, Interesting Movie that Has A Problem With Clichés.


Being Charlie is a movie about an 18-year-old addict, cloistered away in a rehab center, to be hidden away from the public while his father runs for governor. So yeah, it’s a real laugh riot.

To be honest, while the premise makes it sound a bit sappy and sentimental, the movie isn’t quite that. Charlie isn’t exactly likeable as a character. He’s arrogant, rude and unpleasant to be around. His father isn’t any better, so when it comes to the war between the two, it’s more like you’re picking the lesser of two evils when you side with Charlie.

The dynamic feels real. We meet Charlie, think he’s a douche, and say “screw this entitled rich kid.” Then we meet the father and it’s like “ok, that’s why the kid’s so screwed up.”


One of the more endearing characters is a girl that Charlie meets in rehab. Eva (Morgan Saylor), with whom Charlie flouts rules that discourage romantic relationships among patients. Although Saylor brings some personality to her turbulent, unfocused character, you have the queasy sense that somebody decided the movie needed a pretty woman to give it some juice, because she becomes a side character as the movie takes a vicious turn.

This isn’t inspirational. It’s probably a bit less harsh than Rachel Getting Married, but not by much. It’s one of those hard to watch rehab movies because it feels far more true to life than most stories.

That being said, the movie has a bit of a problem with clichés. The characters feel a bit wooden, and it’s said that this movie is a very thinly veiled autobiography. Sometimes, when a movie is based on real life, I feel like they’re written out of revenge, kind of like Mommy Dearest. This is what that feels like. While the writer clearly didn’t pull any punches, even with his own character, he still comes across as a bit bitter in the end.


It’s a dark film for most of it, then for some reason takes a weird upbeat turn at the end. I feel like they felt required to give Charlie a happy ending, when Charlie didn’t deserve one. The problem with the ending is that it takes a tragedy to get Charlie to see the light. They’re playing this character pretty true to life, in that there’s no growth at all, so the sudden epiphany at the end feels false.

It’s a strange movie, because the writer clearly doesn’t care if the audience likes the characters, but then feels afraid to commit to the dark ending, instead giving the audience what he thinks they want. That was a disappointment.

Also, for a movie like this, the run time is way too long. It’s a tense film, but the character is too shallow for you to want to watch his introspection, when he never seems to learn anything. In short, it’s about an hour and forty minutes of dealing with an addict. Despite it’s flaws, I will say it’s worth the watch.

WE GAVE IT : 3 STARS! Watch the Official Trailer and See the Official Movie Poster below


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Movie Review: The 5th Wave – America Is All ‘Teen Girl Hero-ed’ Out

hero_The-5th-Wave-2016 - 30JAN2016

“When you’re in high school, every day feels like the end of the world,” says Cassie Sullivan, the heroine of “The 5th Wave.” And when your Essa, being forced to sit through the 5th Wave, ever moment feels like an infinity. Let’s get started on this latest YA hit to be made into a movie.

So the 5th Wave focuses on a plucky, determined heroine, who isn’t Katniss Everdeen, but is damn near indistinguishable from Katniss Everdeen…with the exception of being blond. Her species has been decimated by aliens, sending humanity back to the stone age and Cassie Sullivan on the run. She fights through power outages, disease and earthquakes as she struggles to survive.

Know what I always wonder during apocalypse movies? Why? Like, why bother trying to survive? What the hell is the point? So you can spend the next twenty years wandering a barren landscape, in the dark, with no indoor plumbing, before you’re inevitably killed by zombies, aliens or some kind of super-flu? You know my plans for the apocalypse? Suicide. Quick, easy and relatively painless.

1401x788-5thWave_2016_23 - 30JAN2016

But I digress. I was supposed to be talking about this movie. Which I have to admit, is well made. It certainly has a standout star in Chloe Grace Moretz. She’s a compelling intriguing character that’s a bit less prissy than Katniss anyway, so I like that.

The effects are well done, the visuals stunning and it’s a tense, gripping action flick. The direction of J Blakeson shouldn’t be underestimated and I imagine with a better plot, this movie would have been amazing.

But unfortunately, the predetermined, to be expected formula just doesn’t feel new or fresh anymore. When Hunger Games came out, a plucky teenage heroine in an action movie was a treat. Now, it’s a bit tired and a bit overdone. You can see everything coming. Literally every single plot point, from the inevitable love triangle, to the girl coming into her own strength and power, is completely recycled to the point where it’s almost fatiguing.

5th-wave-image09 - 30JAN2016

Also, as a side note there is a tsunami part of the movie that really should have been relocated. Honestly, 5000 people died in Thailand during the 2004 Tsunami. Using that for movie fodder just feels gross.

That, coupled with the poor plot, really didn’t help this movie stand out from anything else offered out there. It’s not lighting up the box office either, having made just $10 million on its opening weekend. While some of that might be due to the winter storm that crippled the East, it has to be said that it just wasn’t that great. It certainly wasn’t terrible and if it had been released ten years ago, it may have been a blockbuster.

But it comes on the heels of the end of a trend. America is all ‘teen girl hero-ed’ out by now and there’s no way to cram another one down, not with the same ridiculous results that The Hunger Games, or even Insurgent, got. As a result, I can’t give this a worth the watch.
WE GAVE IT: 2.5 Stars

2.5 Stars


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Movie Review: Jurassic World – People Will Never, Ever Get Sick Of Watching Dinosaurs Eat People


Oh, when oh when will we learn? Look, there’s never a good reason to bring giant, carnivorous animals back. What do the scientists in Jurassic anything keep saying to themselves?

“What’s the worst that could happen? So maybe they could break free and devour a school bus full of kids. That’s not going to happen. Except that it’s already happened…three times. Maybe we should try again anyway, just to be sure.”

That’s literally what has to be going through these scientist’s heads, but we’re supposed to believe that in order to advance the plot. What’s the plot? Here’s my best synopsis. Forgive me for any spoilers.

The dinosaurs break free and eat people.

Yes, there’s the same cardboard cutout cast. Harried career woman, idealistic guy, scientist predicting doom, you know, the regulars. They give them inane dialog and spew out lots of info dumps. They try to cram in as many clichés as possible and the entire plot is propelled by coincidence or people being idiots, or both.

I will give them this. Jurassic World does not hold itself back, despite how implausible the plot. It knows where it shines and where it shines is the special effects.

Scene from Jurassic World


Those will kind of blow your mind. They’re the kind where, even though you know something is going to happen, you flinch anyway. The dinosaurs are so well done, I kind of suspected Universal of really cloning them. They’ve even gotten them right down to that eerie intelligence. The kind where you know, just know, they’re thinking about eating someone.

Then they do and it erupts into almost an artistic orgy of violence. Of course, they keep it PG-13, but what’s America’s standard for PG-13? My guess would be you’re not allowed to film really killing someone but anything else goes. Just don’t let them see any nipple.

For concerned parents, this movie is nipple free…unless you’re talking about dinosaur nipples. I don’t know what those look like.

I forgave Jurassic World for their implausible plot. This is a rarity for me, but in this case, following the formula actually worked. They’ve hit the nail on the head by following one simple, but genius theory.

People will never, ever get sick of watching dinosaurs eat people.

So I give this movie five stars on special effects alone. The plot is terrible. The characters are awful and the best actors, by far, are the dinosaurs. Don’t try to follow the plot or any of the side stories. Just open your mind to the stunning visuals and tune out for an hour and a half.

Yes, I know this movie was only made to cash in on the massive success of the others. It’s absolutely a shameless cash grab. An attempt to wring more money out of the franchise.

But it worked. Even with everyone knowing why, it’s still working. Jurassic World pulled in $208 million on its opening weekend. Those shameless grifters at Universal got me again.

So why am I not angry? Because Universal delivered the thing I wanted. They delivered dinosaurs eating people.

Who could ask for anything more?

WE GAVE IT : 3 STARS! Watch the Official Trailer and See the Official Movie Poster below


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