Sylvester Stallone Keeps It Classy After Oscar Loss, But His Brother Frank? Well That’s A Different Story…


Almost everyone believed Sylvester Stallone was going to win the best supporting actor award at the 88th Annual Academy Awards. His performance in Creed was truly beautiful, and critics were calling his Oscar nomination before the film was even released.

And things were looking good for the 69-year-old actor after taking home the Golden Globe award for best supporting actor back in January. But unfortunately, the Academy Award voters didn’t agree with the rest of the world on this one.

Stallone lost the award to Bridge of Spies star Mark Rylance. Rocky fans went on social media to complain about the surprising defeat, but Stallone was quick to inject some positive vibes into the sea of negativity.



But not everyone in the Stallone family was as tasteful. His younger brother, Frank Stallone, sent out the tweet you see below following his brother’s loss.


Not cool, Frank. We know you’re upset, but you don’t have to insult Mr. Rylance. He’s an incredible actor. Would it have been nice to see Stallone take home the award? Sure. But that doesn’t mean Mark didn’t deserve it just as much.

By the way, Sylvester did address his brother’s comments

“Sorry, didn’t mean for this picture to go up before saying that I’m very happy and please understand my brother is so emotional because he is just very protective and only wants the best for me. Life is good!”