Check Out Maika Monroe In First Trailer For Horror-Thriller Film ‘Watcher’

Chloe Okuno’s debut feature ‘Watcher’ premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to mostly positive reviews. Mixed-to-positive, perhaps.

And now, the first trailer has dropped ahead of its release inside theaters on June 3. ‘It Follows‘ actress Maika Monroe stars in the movie as a young woman who moves into a new apartment with her fiance and is tormented by the feeling that she is being stalked by an unseen watcher.

IFC Midnight bought the film out of Sundance, and as mentioned above, they plan to release it inside theaters on June 3.

In addition to Monroe, Watcher will star Karl Gusman, Burn Gorman and Daniel Nuta. Based on the few reviews released, this movie seems like a solid flick. It doesn’t appear to be blowing anyone away, but it won’t be a bad way to spend the night at the movies.

You can check out the first trailer below. Monroe is such a great actress, so it’s good to see her in another starring role.

Movie Review: The 5th Wave – America Is All ‘Teen Girl Hero-ed’ Out

hero_The-5th-Wave-2016 - 30JAN2016

“When you’re in high school, every day feels like the end of the world,” says Cassie Sullivan, the heroine of “The 5th Wave.” And when your Essa, being forced to sit through the 5th Wave, ever moment feels like an infinity. Let’s get started on this latest YA hit to be made into a movie.

So the 5th Wave focuses on a plucky, determined heroine, who isn’t Katniss Everdeen, but is damn near indistinguishable from Katniss Everdeen…with the exception of being blond. Her species has been decimated by aliens, sending humanity back to the stone age and Cassie Sullivan on the run. She fights through power outages, disease and earthquakes as she struggles to survive.

Know what I always wonder during apocalypse movies? Why? Like, why bother trying to survive? What the hell is the point? So you can spend the next twenty years wandering a barren landscape, in the dark, with no indoor plumbing, before you’re inevitably killed by zombies, aliens or some kind of super-flu? You know my plans for the apocalypse? Suicide. Quick, easy and relatively painless.

1401x788-5thWave_2016_23 - 30JAN2016

But I digress. I was supposed to be talking about this movie. Which I have to admit, is well made. It certainly has a standout star in Chloe Grace Moretz. She’s a compelling intriguing character that’s a bit less prissy than Katniss anyway, so I like that.

The effects are well done, the visuals stunning and it’s a tense, gripping action flick. The direction of J Blakeson shouldn’t be underestimated and I imagine with a better plot, this movie would have been amazing.

But unfortunately, the predetermined, to be expected formula just doesn’t feel new or fresh anymore. When Hunger Games came out, a plucky teenage heroine in an action movie was a treat. Now, it’s a bit tired and a bit overdone. You can see everything coming. Literally every single plot point, from the inevitable love triangle, to the girl coming into her own strength and power, is completely recycled to the point where it’s almost fatiguing.

5th-wave-image09 - 30JAN2016

Also, as a side note there is a tsunami part of the movie that really should have been relocated. Honestly, 5000 people died in Thailand during the 2004 Tsunami. Using that for movie fodder just feels gross.

That, coupled with the poor plot, really didn’t help this movie stand out from anything else offered out there. It’s not lighting up the box office either, having made just $10 million on its opening weekend. While some of that might be due to the winter storm that crippled the East, it has to be said that it just wasn’t that great. It certainly wasn’t terrible and if it had been released ten years ago, it may have been a blockbuster.

But it comes on the heels of the end of a trend. America is all ‘teen girl hero-ed’ out by now and there’s no way to cram another one down, not with the same ridiculous results that The Hunger Games, or even Insurgent, got. As a result, I can’t give this a worth the watch.
WE GAVE IT: 2.5 Stars

2.5 Stars


[youtube id=”DMKg8-9pLlY” width=”680″ height=”383″]

fifthwavesmall - 30JAN2016


‘It Follows’ Star Maika Monroe Just Landed The Female Lead In The Upcoming ‘Independence Day 2’

Have you watched It Follows? I know everyone is all about the 90-minute commercial for Skype (Unfriended) right now, but It Follows is the horror film you need to watch. It’s brilliant and extremely disturbing, but not in the “OH MY GOD, HIS HAND IS STUCK INSIDE A BLENDER!” way.

Anyway, why do I bring this up? Because one of the stars of the film just grabbed the female lead in the Summer 2016 blockbuster Independence Day 2.

The big announcement came yesterday via director Roland Emmerich’s Twitter account…


Okay, so you need more information? No problem. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Maika Monroe will be playing the daughter of Bill Pullman’s character President Thomas J. Whitmore. There are also rumors going around that her character will be a love interest for the character being played by Liam Hemsworth.

Apparently, Monroe beat out some pretty talented actresses for the part, including, Britt Robertson and Gabriella Wilde.

Maybe it was her experience with aliens that impressed the director? She just recently finished production on the sci-fi, alien invasion thriller The 5th Wave. The young adult adaptation, which also stars Chloe Moretz, is expected to hit theaters in January of 2016.

It looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of Maika Monroe in the future.