Don Cheadle Is Joining LeBron James’ Space Jam 2 Film

If you haven’t heard, Space Jam 2 is currently in production. LeBron James could be out there right now filming a scene for the movie.

We still don’t which NBA stars will have cameos in the film, but we do know Don Cheadle has joined the cast. We do not know what his character will be, but it’s possible he could be a coach? Who knows.

Terence Nance is directing this follow-up to the 1996 Space Jam film, which starred Michael Jordan. The first Space Jam movie made a respectable $230 million worldwide.

Not much is known about this sequel, but we do know the planned release date is July 16, 2021. It’s strange that they’re filming now, but it won’t be released until 2021. I suppose it’s because they have a lot of animation work to do in addition to the live-action shoots.

We’ll keep you posted as more information is released. In the meantime, you can catch Cheadle on the Showtime series, Black Monday, which just got renewed for a second season.

LeBron James Confirms ‘Space Jam 2’ Will Begin Filming This Summer

During an interview at All Star Weekend, LeBron James revealed that production on the sequel to Michael Jordan’s 1996 ‘Space Jam’ film will start this summer.

In addition to playing the leading role, James will executive produce as well.

The original film featured Jordan as he teamed up with the Looney Tunes to take on the wicked Monstars in a game of basketball. Although the film wasn’t cited as an acclaimed cinema release, its notoriety has been immortalized thanks to Jordan’s infamy and the endless entertainment that the Warner Bros. characters bring to the big screen.

Ryan Coogler will produce this sequel and Terence Nance is expected to direct. It looks like it’ll be Nance’s second feature film. His last feature, An Oversimplification of Her Beauty was a pretty unique film that scored well with the critics. The semi-animated comedy/drama won the 2012 Gotham Award for “Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You”

Safe to say he won’t be winning the same award for Space Jam 2, as it is expected to hit theaters nationwide July 16, 2021.

LeBron James’ ‘Space Jam 2’ Will Film In California, Details Inside!

LeBron James has gone Hollywood in more ways than one. Not only is he playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, but he’s also set to star in a Hollywood feature film.

As most of you know, James is teaming up with Ryan Coogler for Space Jam 2. Production on the film is scheduled to begin in Summer 2019, and now we know it’ll be filmed in California.

“The upcoming sequel is one of 15 film projects that have been selected for the state’s Film & TV Tax Credit Program 2.0. Space Jam 2 received the largest conditional allocation with a $21.8 million tax credit. ‘Mouse Guard’ scored the second-biggest cut ($10.2 million) of the new $73.3 million available in tax credits.”

Damn. That’s a big a** tax credit. I understand why they didn’t film on Mars now. /dad joke.

Anyway, we’re really looking forward to this sequel. James is a legit funny dude, so he should knock this role out of the park. No word on who will be joining him in the movie, but we will keep you posted as more information is released.

For now, enjoy LeBron James schoolin’ people on the basketball court…

‘Space Jam 2’ Is Going To Happen With LeBron James Set To Star

Just when you thought every movie from the ’80s and ’90s had been remade or sequel’d, Hollywood surprises us once again!

It was reported earlier this week that a ‘Space Jam 2’ will happen and it’ll star LeBron James as “small forward” and Bugs Bunny as his “point guard.”

The original Space Jam was released back in 1996 and starred NBA legend Michael Jordan. Terence Nance will direct this follow-up film, and Black Panther’s Ryan Coogler will produce the project.

James talked about the exciting news to The Hollywood Reporter:

“The Space Jam collaboration is so much more than just me and the Looney Tunes getting together and doing this movie. It’s so much bigger. I’d just love for kids to understand how empowered they can feel and how empowered they can be if they don’t just give up on their dreams. And I think Ryan did that for a lot of people.”

Production is expected to start during the 2019 NBA off-season, and according to the image you see at the top of the page, the scheduled release date is January 23, 2021.

We will keep you posted.

Movie Review: Trainwreck (2015) – A Rom-com Without Sap; I Didn’t Think It Was Possible

There is a reason that I hate most romantic comedies. It’s not because of the lack of realism in the plot. I can pretty much enjoy anything that requires a leap of the imagination. Nope, it’s because there’s never a character I can identify with. The girl is always this Type A, high strung ball breaking business women who never had time to settle down because of her career.

Note to movie writers, some of us aren’t in relationships and it has nothing to do with our careers. Some of us are just incredibly immature bed hopping binge drinkers. I can’t identify with some Type A nutjob. That’s why I don’t like romantic comedies and that’s why I loved Trainwreck. Finally, there is a character that represents us. For the first time, I didn’t just like a romantic comedy. I loved a romantic comedy. For that, I thank Amy Schumer.

Trainwreck starts out with young Amy learning all about the dangers of monogamy from her father, who explains it by asking Amy “What if I told you this was the only doll you could ever play with for the rest of your life?” Drilled that monogamy is a bad thing, Amy lives on one night stands and drunken benders. That is until she meets a cute, almost virginal doctor in the course of her job as a magazine writer. Then starts Amy trying to grow up and settle down.

It’s a paint by numbers rom-com but what made it shine is the edge. That edge comes in the form of Amy Schumer and some seriously biting sarcasm and humor. There are so many laugh out loud moments. They’re able to keep it rude without going too crude, and it sucks any overly sappy sweetness right out of the movie.

Trainwreck-LeBron-James-Bill-Hader -25JUL2015

trainwreck-movie-review - 25JUL2015

A rom-com without sap. I didn’t think it was possible. I think it probably has something to do with some of the most flawless casting I’ve ever seen.

Colin Quinn was a stroke of genius as the belligerent, commitment probe dad. While I have never once thought of Bill Hader as a romantic lead, it this movie he just plain shines. While some thought the movie was too cameo heavy, I found that they managed to fit in the cameos pretty seamlessly.

Especially the movie long cameo for LeBron James. He plays Hader’s best friend and he’s pretty good. A lot of that was smart writing. They knew to not give James more than he could handle, and he handled it well. You never forget he’s LeBron James, but I imagine that’s probably what being LeBron James’s best friend is like anyway.

But the big star in this one is Amy Schumer. She is just plain fantastic in this movie and I think it might be her breakthrough. This girl is about to go from being a cable cult following, to a big name star. They didn’t change her up too much from her personality on “Inside Amy Schumer” but it still worked for a romantic comedy.

Trainwreck was very well written and even better cast. If you like Amy Schumer, and even if you hate romantic comedies, this one is worth the watch.


four and a half stars

[youtube id=”y_KP9x80Z9Q” width=”680″ height=”383″]

Trainwreck Official Poster - 25JUL2015

First Red Band Trailer For Judd Apatow’s ‘Trainwreck’ — Does LeBron James Steal The Show?


When LeBron James gets tired of making everyone look silly on the basketball court, he may have a second career as a comedic actor. Judd Apatow, director of the upcoming comedy Trainwreck, claims Mr. James has got some serious skills.

The Hollywood Reporter talked with the director about LeBron’s guest starring role in the film. Here is what he had to say…

“We tested the movie, and he gets laughter as big as anyone. LeBron is a very strong actor, and he has a fantastic sense of humor. We do a lot of improvisation, and he was really good at it. As a result, it’s a really fun, wild, slightly strange performance that really scores.”

And that’s saying something because the hilarious Bill Hader and Amy Schumer star in the movie. As mentioned above, Judd Apatow is the director behind this film, and it’s interesting he decided to take on this monster. Typically, Apatow only directs films he helped write. This movie only has one person receiving credit for the script, and that person is Amy Schumer.

Universal Pictures just released the first trailer for the film, which is scheduled to be released July 17, 2015. The premise of Trainwreck is similar to several romantic comedies out there, except the gender roles seem to be reversed in this movie. In most romantic comedies, it’s the sex-crazed man falling in love with that special girl who makes him change his douchebag ways.

In Trainwreck, Amy Schumer shows that girls can be just as afraid of commitment. Check out the trailer down below. We’ll definitely be checking this one out.