Watch The New Trailer For Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Captive State’ Starring John Goodman

John Goodman might be more known for his comedy work on Roseanne and The Big Lebowski, but the dude is also a great sci-fi/thriller actor. He stole the show in 10 Cloverfield Lane back in 2016, and now he’s ready to do it again in Captive State.

This alien invasion looks a little different than your typical one. Most alien invasion films start as the invasion is happening. In Captive State, the extra-terrestrial force has been in control for nearly a decade.

Check out the official synopsis below…

“Ten years ago, they took our planet. Today, we take it back. From the director of RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, watch the new teaser trailer for CAPTIVE STATE. In theaters March 2019.

Set in a Chicago neighborhood nearly a decade after an occupation by an extra-terrestrial force, “Captive State” explores the lives on both sides of the conflict – the collaborators and dissidents.”

In addition to Goodman, you’ll find Ashton Sanders, Jonathan Majors and Colson Baker.

Captive State will hit theaters March 29, 2019. Watch the trailer below…

Watch John Goodman And Ashton Sanders Star In Teaser Trailer For Alien Flick ‘Captive State’

John Goodman does have a career outside of Roseanne, and it’s a mighty fine career. His next feature film, Captive State, promises to be one entertaining flick.

The alien invasion film, which was directed by Rupert Wyatt, picks up 10 years out from when aliens took over the planet and basically formed their own government. Goodman plays Chicago Police Officer Mulligan, who was considering retirement before the alien invasion happened.

In addition to Goodman, this movie also stars ‘Moonlight’ actor Ashton Sanders…

“Based on the poster, it seems Sanders’ character, seen engulfed in red smoke, is a part of the resistance. According to the logline, the story ‘explores the lives on both sides of the conflict — the collaborators and dissidents.'”

Captive State is set to hit theaters March 29, 2019. Check out the teaser trailer below…

Watch Rihanna And Cara Delevingne In New Trailer For ‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets”

Luc Besson’s epic sci-fi action flick Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets had a special screening at CinemaCon on Tuesday, and now today the studio has released a second trailer for the film.

We will let Deadline explain what the story is about because it’s a bit confusing…

“The film is based on the 1967 Valérian and Laureline comics by Pierre Christin and Jean-Claude Mézières. It follows Valerian (DeHaan) and Laureline (Delevingne) as they embark on an intergalactic mission to the city of Alpha, an ever-expanding metropolis comprised of thousands of different species from all four corners of the universe. Alpha’s seventeen million inhabitants have converged over time, uniting their talents, technology and resources for the betterment of all. Unfortunately, not everyone on Alpha shares in these same objectives, and the duo will have to race to defeat the unseen forces at work, placing the race in great danger.”

Rihanna, Ethan Hawke and John Goodman will co-star, which is pretty incredible. If you have Hawke and Goodman co-starring in a movie, then you know the cast is already packed with some big names.

It’s scheduled to hit theaters July 21, 2017. It’ll be interesting to see how this performs at the box office. We got high hopes.

Watch King Kong Smash Some Helicopters In The Final Trailer For ‘Kong: Skull Island’

Did they save the best for last? It looks like it! The final trailer for Kong: Skull Island might give away a little too much, but it’s one of the best trailers (for a monster film) we’ve seen in a long time.

In the action-packed trailer, Kong punches helicopters and fights the terrible “Skullcrawlers” that killed off his species.

The film will hit theaters on March 10, so the wait is almost over. There are a lot of talented people in this movie, including John Goodman, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll watch any film featuring John Goodman. We should start seeing reviews for the movie later this week, so we’ll keep you posted on that.

For now, enjoy the wild trailer below…

The First Trailer For Luc Besson’s Huge Sci-Fi Film ‘Valerian’ Has A Little Something For Everyone

Cara Delevingne and Dane DeHaan must be delighted to see how gorgeous the first trailer for their film ‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets’ looks. The space epic, directed by Luc Besson, has every single thing a sci-fi fan could want.

Sweet spaceships, stylish spacesuits, weapons, monsters, portals, aliens, and a bunch of other really neat sh*t. The film is based on Pierre Christin’s French comic series. This trailer is almost too much to handle. It’s like eating an entire cake for breakfast. You love it while you’re eating it, but after you take that last bite, it’s like, “What did I just do? And how long before I can do it again?”

This movie also has an impressive cast. We mentioned Delevingne and DeHaan above, but you also have Ethan Hawke, John Goodman and Clive Owen. Oh, and yes that is a Beatles song you hear playing during the trailer. Besson claims it’s the first time the group has let one of their songs be used in a trailer. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr had to sign off on it.

It’s scheduled to be released July 21, 2017. Check out the official synopsis and trailer below…

“Valerian (Dane DeHaan) and Laureline (Cara Delevingne) are special operatives for the government of the human territories charged with maintaining order throughout the universe. Valerian has more in mind than a professional relationship with his partner- blatantly chasing after her with propositions of romance. But his extensive history with women, and her traditional values, drive Laureline to continuously rebuff him.

Under directive from their Commander (Clive Owen), Valerian and Laureline embark on a mission to the breathtaking intergalactic city of Alpha, an ever-expanding metropolis comprised of thousands of different species from all four corners of the universe.”

Movie Review: Ratchet and Clank – At Least With Results this Bad, We Won’t be Subjected to a Sequel

After being thoroughly delighted by Keanu, who would have thought my movie going experience would take such a terrible turn? But it did, when some Hollywood producers broke the golden rule of adaptations. Never adapt a movie from a game. Yes, you can do it in the other direction, but as far as I’m concerned, to date no one has given me a convincing movie adaptation of a video game or board game I played. Clue, Mortal Kombat, Wing Commander and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider all have one thing in common. They could never live up to the experience of actually playing the game.

Anyway, in this film, two unlikely heroes (some kind of robot, and a fox thing) team up to fight an evil alien overlord intent on universal destruction. The team then teams up with another team (I know, right?), made of seizure inducing bright colors known as The Galactic Rangers, to save the day.

Again, not nearly as fun as playing the 2002 version of the game. They didn’t even try to deviate from the game story. The storyline is pulled right from it and they changed nothing at all. It’s some pretty damn lazy storytelling, if you ask me.

The animation is good for a video game…but terrible for a movie. I don’t want to go to the movies and feel like I’ve been sent back to 1991, watching my brother hog the Nintendo. I was bored when it happened then, and I was bored in the theater watching this.


You know what it feels like? It feels like someone recorded them beating the game on their PlayStation and expects us to buy it as a movie…even without Pew Die Pie making nonsensical, but weirdly delightful noises in the background. Well I ain’t buying it.

This was a lazy, phoned in effort that cashes in on the nostalgia of aging Millennials while trying to do as little work as possible. You don’t get any more information here than you do in the video game, which leads me to wonder, why watch the movie? I mean, I liked Ratchet and Clank the video game, but not so much that I really cared enough to see them on the big screen.


Also, 94 minutes for a recycled story is a bit excessive. With most movies topping out at 80, it’s a bit stupid to add and additional ten onto the industry standard. Maybe it took the ‘animator’ a bit longer to beat the game.

Whatever, I can’t call this worth the watch and audiences aren’t either. This didn’t even come within a whisper of the top five at the box office and earned a paltry $5 million to date. At least with results this bad, we won’t be subjected to a sequel. If you’re feeling nostalgic, just go play the game.

We Gave it: 1 Star: Official Movie Trailer and Movie Poster Below

1 star

[youtube id=”MOzY_q0lFHM” width=”680″ height=”383″]

ratchet and clank movie poster

Movie Review: 10 Cloverfield Lane – Well Done, Rare to See Such Dimensional Characters in a Horror Film

hero_10-Cloverfield-Lane-2016 - 18MAR2016

Fans of the original Cloverfield have been eagerly awaiting a sequel, but that’s not what this is. It’s in the same sci-fi genre, but they didn’t tack on the often cash grabbing #2 to the title for a reason. This is more of a spiritual successor which is also a psychological thriller. And it’s fantastic.

The film starts with a young woman waking up after a terrible accident to find that she’s locked in a cellar with a doomsday prepper, who insists that he saved her life and that the world outside is uninhabitable following an apocalyptic catastrophe. Uncertain what to believe, the woman soon determines that she must escape at any cost.

10-cloverfield-lane-is-probably-not-a-sequel-and-that-s-okay-800537 - 18MAR2016

Why? Because John Goodman is scary as fuck! I did not think he had it in him. I’ve always kind of seen him as a lovable John Candy type, but he takes creepy to a whole new level in this and rocks it. When he initially meets the girl, he’s literally a guy who has her locked in his basement, warning her to not go outside. He comes across as so nuts that even though Cloverfield is in the name, you start to wonder if he’s just insane. Plus, there’s a subplot involving the mysterious disappearance of Howard’s teenage daughter that leaves you a bit concerned as to his credibility.

Created and filmed in near-total secrecy under the title “Valencia,” this character-driven, tension-filled tale of terror was written by Josh Campbell, Matthew Stuecken and Damien Chazelle and directed by Adams’ protégé, rookie Dan Trachtenberg, to elicit as much apprehension as possible. The palpable dread is amplified by Jeff Cutter’s cinematography and composer Bear McCreary’s forboding score.

This is an extremely well done movie that uses every single available resource to its fullest. It’s rare to see such dimensional characters in a horror, but these characters had to drive the movie, as much of it happens in a bunker.

1035x668-CE-00792R_02 - 18MAR2016

I’m glad that this wasn’t Cloverfield 2. This movie deserves to stand on its own. It doesn’t have the same effect of Cloverfield, but it’s still a strong contender for a great classic horror that’s well plotted and well made. This is an intelligent movie that’s also a commercial success. Audiences have pushed it to number 2 in the box office, ensuring another great success for the Cloverfield brand.

This is worth going to the theater for, though it’s probably a bit scary for kids. The last thing you want is them worried that John Goodman is under their bed. So probably best for teens and up when looking at audiences. It’s well written enough to please critics, while exciting enough to delight the average movie goer. They packed a lot of tension into such a simple film, and it’s particularly unsettling because you’re as confused as the main character. Is John Goodman evil, or is the world a radioactive wasteland? It’s a question that will keep you guessing until the end.

Absolutely worth the watch. This movie is one that should not be missed, though it might give you nightmares about John Goodman for years to come.

four and a half stars

[youtube id=”saHzng8fxLs” width=”680″ height=”383″]

10cl_poster - 18MAR2016



First Look: Redband Trailer for Mark Wahlberg’s ‘The Gambler’. Does a Bald John Goodman Steal the Show? (Video)

Balkd John Goodman

The dramatic pictures of a slimmed down Mark Wahlberg created quite the buzz on the internet, so we couldn’t wait for the trailer. There’s already talk surrounding the fact that Wahlberg might get an Oscar nomination for this role. The remake of the 1974 drama is written by William Monahan (The Departed) so there is potential.

Wahlberg who has really showed his acting chops in the last five years (Transformers aside) put a lot of work into this role. Wahlberg’s character is a literature professor with a bad gambling addiction. He says that convincing audience’s that he is a teacher was tougher then dropping the weight. During an interview he said,

“Forget losing the weight. Being believable as a teacher was one of my greatest challenges and most rewarding.”

Wahlberg just completed his high school diploma online last year at the age of 42. To prepare for this role he actually sat in on literary courses to better understand the classic literature references his character apparently uses throughout the film. The man is dedicated to his craft.


If Wahlberg doesn’t get an Oscar maybe there’s some room for John Goodman as Best Supporting Actor. A bald John Goodman gives a speech that is destined to become a classic, which is used as the back drop for the trailer…and the only reason I see that it’s redband. Goodman is dropping F-bombs Galore. I thought he deserved something as the “Wingman” in Denzel Washington’s ‘Flight’; maybe this movie will right that wrong.

Enjoy the Trailer. The movie is slated for official release on December 19th.

[youtube id=”ri1SLh5b3zE” width=”633″ height=”356″]

Movie Review: Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)

Transformers Age of Extinction - Movie PosterIt was a high budget art film; shot by George Bush

2.5 Stars

The fourth sequel of the blockbuster series “Transformers” came out last Friday and quickly shot to the top of the charts, garnering nearly $100 million in its opening weekend. So it just hype, or is Transformers: Age of Extinction really that good?

We start off where we usually start off in a Transformers movie. The town has gone to crap and an evil new villain is planning on changing the course of history. Then, a cast of humans, lead by the ever foxy Marc Walberg teams up with Optimus Prime and the Autobots rise to save the world, yet again.

And it still takes them one hundred and sixty six minutes. Seriously, 2 and a half friggen hours of the same damn thing yet again. Because that’s what it really was. It was the same exact thing as the last three Transformer movers. The only thing changing is the cast.

Also, question. Was Michael Bay trying to make an art film? If not, what was with all the sun set shots? Transformers 4 kind of felt like it was a high budget art film; shot by George Bush. Over the top patriotism and American flags abound, because let’s not forget that America is the center of the universe…even when half the flipping movie is set in China.

I didn’t understand that at all. What did China have to do with anything? I’m serious, someone please explain to me why they went to China, because I totally missed that plot point.

Transformers Age of Extinction 3

I will say Mark Wahlberg was pretty great, but he’s always been great. I really haven’t seen that guy fail yet, even when he gets cast in a terrible movie. All the other players were entirely forgettable. I’m pretty sure they threw another hot girl in there, to play the spunky eye-candy heroine, but I really didn’t find her that memorable. She was no Megan Fox and I didn’t find her character that interesting. She did the whole ‘damsel in distress’ thing a few times and I really didn’t care if she made it or not.

Also, the Autobots, who were once buddy-buddy with the humans are now a threat and are being hunted by the government. Screw plot continuity, Michael Bay needs more conflict!

Of course, this did allow of the excellent addition of Kelsey Grammer as the CIA op in charge of hunting down the Autobots.


Transformers Age of Extinction 2

As if this pile of garbage wasn’t going to make a ton of money anyway, the makers decided to cram in as much product placement as humanly possibly. Everything from Bud Lite to Ford F150s make an appearance.

The movie really should have been called Transformers 4: Brought to You by Red Bull. I understand a little bit of product placement, but the placement I saw in this movie was astonishingly bad and obvious.


Apparently, Bay is threatening to produce two more of these atrocities. Yeah people, this is just the start of yet another trilogy. You know why he’s doing this, right? He needs to raise enough money to produce his own army of evil robots so he can take over the world.

Stop playing right into his hands!        Watch the Official Trailer Below:

[youtube id=”CKD5SNYUpUk” width=”633″ height=”356″]


Featurette Release for George Clooney’s “The Monuments Men”.

George Clooney;Matt Damon;John Goodman;Bob Balaban

Admittedly after reading the plot for this film I thought they were way overcast for this type of story…and I also thought it would be a little dull, but that was over 13 months ago.

An unlikely World War II platoon are tasked to rescue art masterpieces from Nazi thieves and return them to their owners.
After watching the full trailer during my viewing of “The Wolf of Wall Street”, I begin to see this movie a completely different way. This is not so much as a war movie, but more like a reverse heist movie. Sort of like The Italian Job or better yet Ocean’s Eleven and they are stealing the treasures back.

Sony has released a featurette that gives fans a behind the scenes look at the movie and attempts to expand narrow minds like mine who might have written this film off. The film, that just so happens to be co-written, directed and stars George Clooney is based on the book by Robert M Edsel entitled: The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History’. As mentioned before the film boasts a super all-star cast which includes, Cate Blanchett, Bill Murray, John Goodman, Matt Damn, Jean Dujardin and Hugh Bonneville. [more…]

The author, Robert Edsel was on hand and actually on set on numerous occasions during the filming of the movie. Admittedly he did not always agree with Clooney’s direction but he said at least his viewpoints were taken into consideration. Edsel has teamed up with Clooney in attempts to get the actual team the Congressional Gold Medal by creating an online petition to be signed. You can also help to find any remaining pieces of art that you might have information on the website: Support the Monuments Men. Below is Sony’s featurette.