How Much Will ‘Doctor Strange’ Make During Its Opening Weekend? Find Out What The Experts Are Saying


Obviously comic book fans were super excited when Marvel announced they were developing a Doctor Strange movie. But that’s where the excitement ended for the most part. The general audience didn’t know what it was all about and had no reason to get excited for it.

But over time, more people have jumped on the Doctor Strange train, thanks in large part to Benedict Cumberbatch landing the leading role. The great reviews from critics certainly don’t hurt either. It’s currently sitting at a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes.

So what does this mean for its opening weekend? Well, industry professionals believe the film will bring in between $65-70 million this weekend, which would not be bad at all.

It’s already made over $87 million worldwide. It was released in the U.K. and South Korea last week. So even though it won’t match the numbers from Guardians of the Galaxy, it still should be a solid hit for Marvel.

Pretty impressive stuff considering how little the audience knew about this movie when the news was first announced. The promo team has done a wonderful job. If the projections are correct, Doctor Strange will have a better opening than Ant-Man’s $57.2 million.

The film hits theaters this weekend. Watch the trailer below. Are you excited?


Marvel Makes Several Huge Announcements, None Of Them Including Benedict Cumberbatch

Marvel Studios promised a huge event yesterday at the El Capitan Theater in Los Angeles, and they certainly delivered. They made several huge announcements during yesterday’s press event; however, none of the announcements involved Benedict Cumberbatch.

Marvel President Kevin Feige announced the names of nine films the studio will release over the next five years.

The two biggest films announced? Captain Marvel and Black Panther. Marvel fans are most excited about these two films. Black Panther, which will be released in November of 2017, will feature Marvel’s first black leading actor. Actor Chadwick Boseman, best known for his work in 42, will star as T’Challa, the African prince who becomes a superhero.

And Captain Marvel will be Marvel’s first movie featuring a female lead. It’s not expected to hit theaters until 2018, so we don’t know too much about the film. There hasn’t been any casting, but Feige did say this about the movie…

“This film has been in the works almost as long as Doctor Strange or Guardians Of The Galaxy, and one of the key things was figuring out what we wanted to do with it. Her adventures are very earthbound, but her powers are based in the cosmic realm.”

In addition to the two films listed above, Marvel also released the titles and release dates for seven other films. You can view the full list down below.









Benedict Cumberbatch In Final Talks To Take On Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’

 Cumberbatch and Marvel are close to a deal for the Doctor Strange Role

Have we finally found our new Doctor Strange? Possibly. After talks between Joaquin Phoenix and Marvel hit a wall, the comic powerhouse turned their attention to Benedict Cumberbatch. Both Deadline and Variety are reporting that Cumberbatch and Marvel are extremely close to agreeing on a deal.

And some people believe the announcement could come today. Last Friday, Marvel Studios invited the press to attend a mysterious event at Disney’s El Capitan Theater on October 28, which is obviously today. Sources have added to the speculation by claiming Cumberbatch has always been Marvel’s prime target.

This is bad news for fans of Keanu Reeves. Ever since it was announced Phoenix was out, fans of the ‘John Wick‘ star have been campaigning for him to get the role. However, we have no reason to believe Marvel even talked with Reeves. And the actor himself admitted he didn’t know much about the character.

Scott Derrickson will be directing the highly anticipated film, which is expected to be released November 4, 2016. We will keep you updated as we learn more information. Hopefully this report is confirmed during Marvel’s special event today. Benedict Cumberbatch is a solid choice, and fits the role perfectly.

That’s just my opinion though. What do you think? Still not over Joaquin Phoenix backing out?

 Cumberbatch and Marvel are close to a deal for the Doctor Strange Role

Doctor Strange: Joaquin Phoenix Out, Keanu Reeves In? Get The Details Inside


For months it looked like Joaquin Phoenix would land the title role for Marvel’s upcoming Doctor Strange movie. And for the most part, fans of the superhero were happy with the choice; however, things changed a little over a week ago.

Talks between Phoenix and Marvel broke down completely. We’re still not sure what happened, but the decision does appear to be final. Joaquin Phoenix will not take the lead role in Doctor Strange.

So who will Marvel go after now? No one knows for sure, but there has been a lot of support lately for Keanu Reeves. He’s obviously comfortable with action movies, and he has worked with director Scott Derrickson before on the set of The Day the Earth Stood Still. The support for Reeves certainly makes sense.

But would the actor even be interested in the role? Well, he was asked that very question while promoting his new film, John Wick.

“From a practical standpoint the idea of a longtime contract is sort of “errr” because you want to make sure the material is up to a certain level.  Like the good or great level.  I like the idea.  I go to those kinds of movies.  I grew up on them and comics and graphic novels.  [But] I didn’t know Doctor Strange as a character, I didn’t read that as a kid.  I’m gonna have to read it. I remember reading something… who’s going to play Doctor Strange? Would I be good for the role?”

He was asked this question by multiple reporters and his answer was pretty much the same every time. He’s interested, but he’s not a fan of long-term contracts and he’s not familiar with the character.

Doesn’t sound very promising. I’m not sure who will end up getting the role, but I wouldn’t jump on the Keanu Reeves bandwagon just yet.


Marvel Sets Release Date For ‘Doctor Strange’ And Reveals Filming Location


Okay, folks. You can now officially get excited for Marvel’s Doctor Strange. We still don’t know who will play the lead role, and the plot details still haven’t been revealed; however, we do have a release date and filming location.

It was announced yesterday that Marvel plans to release Doctor Strange July 8, 2016. The film, which will be directed by Scott Derrickson, will reportedly film in the UK. Following in the footsteps of Thor: The Dark World and Guardians Of The Galaxy.

As we previously mentioned, we do not know who will play the lead role. According to several reports, Joaquin Phoenix could be close to securing a deal. But again, nothing has been confirmed.

It’s clear whoever ends up getting the role will be up for quite a challenge. Doctor Strange is described as “the most powerful humanoid hero of all in the Marvel comics universe” and “the mightiest magician in the cosmos.”

With preparations on the ground already taking place, we are sure it won’t be long before casting details are announced.

We will keep you updated. Get your popcorn ready!