Check Out The First Images Of Alison Brie And Dan Stevens In Dave Franco’s Directorial Debut ‘The Rental’

It looks like Dave Franco is trying to follow in the footsteps of John Krasinski. As you all know, Krasinski directed/co-wrote the horror-thriller A Quiet Place back in 2018. The movie starred his wife Emily Blunt.

Franco is attempting to do something very similar. He will be making his directorial debut with the thriller film ‘The Rental‘ starring his wife, Alison Brie.

In the film, Brie co-stars alongside Dan Stevens as a couple who set out on a double date vacation with two of their friends.

But things take a turn for the unsettling when secrets start to come out and it starts to feel like the four friends might not be alone.

Franco co-wrote the script for this film with Joe Swanberg, the creator of the Netflix series, Easy, which Franco acted in.

IFC Films purchased the rights to the film this week and for right now, they plan to release it on July 24, 2020.

Franco released the following statement:

I’ve admired the IFC brand and their films for as long as I can remember. I couldn’t be more excited about partnering with them for my directorial debut. They have such a strong track record when it comes to elevated genre films, which makes them the perfect home for THE RENTAL.

Alison Brie And Dan Stevens Set To Star In Dave Franco’s Directorial Debut ‘The Rental’

First there was John Krasinski directing his wife Emily Blunt in ‘A Quiet Place‘ and now you have Dave Franco directing his wife Alison Brie in his upcoming directoral debut, The Rental.

Franco reportedly co-wrote the script with Joe Swanberg. Not much is known about the plot, but we do know it’s a horror flick centering on two couples who rent a vacation home for a celebratory weekend.

In addition to Brie, Dan Stevens has joined the cast. He has experience in the indie horror world. He played the lead role in the surprisingly delightful 2014 film, The Guest.

Franco told Deadline he “couldn’t be more excited… to be working with such an amazing group of actors for my directorial debut.”

Shooting is expected to begin in April in Oregon. No word on a release date, but it’ll likely be in 2020 sometime. Or who knows, maybe they’ll move fast and release it late this year for Halloween. We’ll keep you posted.

Movie Review: Night at the Museum: Secrets of the Tomb – A Franchise that’s lost its magic.


I think we all know that Night at the Museum movies are hardly high art. In fact, they’re about one step up from those straight to video movies the Olson twins made in the 90s. But the magic they do have is that they’re entertaining. So does Night at the Museum: Secrets of the Tomb hold up to the original?

This time around, Larry (Ben Stiller) learns that the magic Tablet of Akhmenrah, the Egyptian artifact that brings the Museum of Natural History’s various exhibits to life, is starting to lose its powers. That means that Larry will soon have to say goodbye to friends like Teddy Roosevelt (the late Robin Williams), Egyptian Pharaoh Akhmenrah (Rami Malek), miniature cowboy Jedediah (Owen Wilson) and his Roman general friend Octavius (Steve Coogan). So off Larry goes to a British museum, so he can find a replacement magic tablet.

So yeah, the entire plot was conceived with the purpose of sending the museum guard to yet another museum, so he could continue meeting various historical figures. The previous movies did well with this formula, so I guess there seems to be no reason to stop now.




Except, this results in a strange lack of energy, as if everyone is just sick of making these movies. Of course, I guess that’s what you get when you base an entire franchise of movies on a 32 page children’s book. You know what this movie is? It’s that movie you play over and over for your kids so you can get a break from them. It’s more background noise than anything else. It’s a PG non-interactive babysitter.

And an excuse to show off an array of CGI effects. Those are still as decent as the original. But that’s about all it has going for it. The first movie was supported by a cast of heavyweight comics. In this third installment, all the priors are tired and Robin Williams carries it all with his frantic energy.

Much like the tablet itself, this franchise has lost its magic. A phone in script and exhausted characters go on a short trip. In order to pad the script, two of the characters get stuck in a heating shaft and everyone has to go look for them for 45 minutes.

One bright shining spot in this is Rebel Wilson, who plays the British equivalent of Stiller’s character. As a guard at her own museum, she steals every single scene she’s in, making Stiller fall even more flat.

He clearly phoned in his effort and I think I know why. Rumor is, that when he was trying to get The Secret Life of Walter Mitty made, he actually had to sign on to do a third installment of this series. I guess when you shove someone back into a role, and hand him a tired script, you can’t really blame him for not putting forth much of an effort.

Hopefully, the studio will get the message and stop making these movies. But I highly doubt it. The movie has already raked in $17 million and is holding steady at number 2 at the box office. Despite the fact that it’s not worth the watch, it apparently was worth the making.

WE GAVE IT: 2.5 Stars

2.5 Stars


[youtube id=”KMKk7Dn__-Y” width=”680″ height=”383″]


Liam Neeson takes on Kidnappers again in ‘A Walk Among Tombstones’ (Official Trailer & Poster)

A Walk Among The Tombstones

Liam Neeson and kidnappers; that sounds as good as peanut butter and jelly. The two go together well and so far always makes for a great movie. A Walk Among Tombstones sees Neeson playing an ex cop turn unlicensed private eye who helps a drug trafficker after a ransom deal has gone bad. If that sounds like it can be a series of novels, it’s because it is. The character Matt Scudder is from Lawrence Block’s best selling series of mystery novels that this movie is adapted from.

Neeson takes on the role as a scruffy, down on his luck average Joe like a pro and in typical Neeson fashion his character, turns out to be a bad ass.  Neeson is getting paid to be Neeson.

The screenplay is written by Scott frank who has a crazy resume: The Wolverine, Marley & Me, Minority Report, Get Shorty and Out of Sight to mention a few. If this movie is half as good as the novels then it should be great.  Oliver Stone took a stab with Jeff Bridges as Matt Scudder back in 1986’s 8 Million Ways to Die and it was awful.  From the looks of the trailer, it looks like Hollywood got it right this time.

Watch the official trailer below.

[youtube id=”O6Ttj9tXzCA” width=”633″ height=”356″]