Watch Bryan Cranston And Annette Bening In The First Trailer For ‘Jerry & Marge Go Large’

It’s a good day. Paramount+ released the first trailer for the upcoming comedy film, Jerry & Marge Go Large, starring Bryan Cranston and Annette Bening.

The dramedy, which is directed by Academy Award winner David Frankel, is inspired by a pretty incredible true story of retiree Jerry Selbee and his wife Marge.

Jerry discovers a mathematical loophole in the Massachusetts lottery and, with the help of his wife, Marge (Bening), wins millions, using the money to revive their small Michigan town.

The flick also stars Larry Wilmore, Rainn Wilson and Michael McKean. ‘Jerry & Marge Go Large’ is set to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 15, 2022. It’ll then be released on June 17 in the U.S. on Paramount+.

Filming went down in July of 2021, so there was a pretty quick turnaround here. Sad it won’t get a theatrical release, but it should be a good movie to stream on a slow weekend.

Check out the trailer below…

Matthew Vaughn’s Upcoming Spy Thriller ‘Argylle’ Is Building An Impressive A-List Cast

Matthew Vaughn has a long career in Hollywood as a producer/director/writer. Most recently, he directed/wrote the Kingsman: The Secret Service, as well as the Kingsman: The Golden Circle. He was also the mastermind behind Kick-Ass.

So yeah, the dude has lots of talent, and you know what that means? He can attract a-list actors. His latest project, Argylle, is building a truly impressive cast.

It’s being reported that Henry Cavill, Samuel L. Jackson, Sam Rockwell, Bryce Dallas Howard, Bryan Cranston and Catherine O’Hara will star in the film, which is planned to be the start of a franchise.

It’s based on the debut novel of the same name by first-time author Ellie Conway.

The film (and book) will follow the globe-trotting adventures of a super-spy named Argylle across the U.S., London and other exotic locations. Pop singer Dua Lipa will provide music for the title track and score as well as making her acting debut in the feature.

Vaughn loves the spy world, so you know he’s excited about this. In fact, he believes it’ll reinvent the spy genre.

When I read this early draft manuscript I felt it was the most incredible and original spy franchise since Ian Fleming’s books of the ’50s. This is going to reinvent the spy genre.

The novel will hit shelves next year, while filming on the project will start in August. It’s looking like this movie could be released summer/fall 2022.

The ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie Will Be A Sequel Following Aaron Paul’s Character

When news was first released about a possible ‘Breaking Bad‘ movie, many people were wondering if it’d be a prequel or a sequel. It seemed more likely that it would be a sequel, considering they already have an amazing prequel in Better Call Saul.

According to a new report coming out, this film will indeed be a sequel, and it’ll star Aaron Paul as the lovable Jesse Pinkman once again. It’ll follow his life after the events of Breaking Bad, and it’ll reportedly be released on Netflix before moving to AMC.

“As THR previously reported, the Breaking Bad movie will be written by original series creator Vince Gilligan, who will exec produce the project alongside franchise collaborators Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein. Gilligan, sources say, will direct the film, which will follow the escape of a kidnapped man (Paul’s Jesse) and his quest for freedom.”

Will this movie feature Walter White at all? Perhaps a flashback scene or two? Well, we don’t know for sure, but we do know Bryan Cranston would be down.

Cranston spoke on The Dan Patrick Show recently, and had this to say…

“It’s a great story and there are a lot of people who felt that they wanted to see some kind of completion to some of these storylines that were left open [in the series finale]. This idea, from what I’m told, gets into those — at least a couple of the character show were not completed, as far as their journey.

I don’t know if there’s an appearance — flashbacks, flash forwards — but I’m excited about it because it’s Breaking Bad and it was the greatest professional period of my life and I can’t wait to see all those people again, even if I just come by to visit.”

We can’t wait either. We’ll keep you posted as more information is released.

Last Flag Flying: Richard Linklater’s Latest Film Starring Bryan Cranston, Steve Carell And Laurence Fishburne Releases First Trailer!

If you’ve been following this site for the past few years, then you’ll know we are huge fans of Richard Linklater. The filmmaker has created some truly entertaining and emotional films, including Boyhood, The Before Trilogy, School of Rock, Dazed and Confused, and the list goes on and on.

Linklater’s latest film, Last Flag Flying, promises to be another great film in his collection. It has a pretty incredible cast with Steve Carell, Bryan Cranston and the always lovely Laurence Fishburne.

The movie was adapted by Linklater and Darryl Ponicsan from Ponicsan’s novel Last Flag Flying, which is a sequel to The Last Detail

“Which itself inspired the 1973 Hal Ashby film that earned Jack Nicholson an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. Given the awards appeal of Last Flag Flying, Cranston, who takes over Nicholson’s role as the hard-drinking Billy ‘Badass’ Buddusky, might just score one of his own.”

Last Flag Flying will debut at the New York Film Festival in late September. From there, it’ll be released in theaters on November 3. Check out the synopsis and trailer below…

“Last Flag Flying stars Steve Carell as Doc, a former Navy medic whose son is killed during the Iraq War. Not content with letting his son’s remains reside in Arlington National Cemetery, Doc recruits two of his ex-Marine buddies (Bryan Cranston and Laurence Fishburne) to help him drive the casket up the east coast to be buried at his home in New Hampshire.”

Wes Anderson Reveals His Next Project Will Be A Stop-Motion Film Titled ‘Isle of Dogs’ Starring Bryan Cranston

Last year, we heard rumors that Wes Anderson was developing an animated film about dogs, and now we have the official announcement from the award-winning director.

He posted the video you see above on Monday to announce the cast and title for the project. Isle of Dogs will be Anderson’s second dive into animation. He directed Fantastic Mr. Fox back in 2009 and received lots of praise for it.

This new project is being filmed in England, and as we mentioned in the headline, it’s filled with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

“It stars Bryan Cranston. We’ve got a big cast. Bill Murray. We’ve got Jeff Goldblum. Scarlett Johansson is in it. We have F. Murray Abraham, Tilda Swinton, Kunichi Nomura, Harvey Keitel. Two Akiras — Akira Ito and Akira Takayama. Koyu Rankin, Yoko Ono, Courtney B. Vance. We’ve got Greta Gerwig, Frances McDormand, Bob Balaban. We’ve got Liev Schrieber.”

It would be difficult to not find at least one person you like in that impressive list above. No release date has been announced, but a few insiders believe it won’t be released until 2018, so we’ll be waiting a long time for this one.

The last film Anderson released was 2014’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. It won a Golden Globe award for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy.

Christmas Is Getting Dirty With New Red-Band Trailer For ‘Why Him?’ Starring Bryan Cranston And James Franco

Looking for a movie to watch with your grandma during the holidays? Well, we got the perfect film for you. It’s the classic scenario, what does a father do when his daughter falls for the wrong guy?

Bryan Cranston plays the loving (slightly strange) father of a successful and bright woman played by Zoey Deutch. When Zoey’s character brings her new boyfriend (James Franco) home for the holidays, Cranston is shocked to see how vulgar and douchey this guy is.

When you look at the cast, you think, “Wow! This movie is going to be amazing!” but then you watch the trailer and see just how generic it looks.

Maybe the folks behind ‘Why Him?’ are trying to keep the best jokes out of the trailers, but that seems extremely unlikely because that goes against everything Hollywood stands for.

It just looks like such a safe movie, and that’s not what you’re looking for when you hear that Bryan Cranston and James Franco are making an R-rated comedy together.

But hey, I’ll still give it a chance. Maybe it’ll surprise everyone. It’s scheduled to be released December 23, 2016.


Richard Linklater Lands Steve Carell, Laurence Fishburne And Bryan Cranston For His ‘The Last Detail’ Sequel


Showing any excitement for sequels is something I try to avoid doing, but as a Richard Linklater fanboy, I am finding it difficult to hold back my excitement for his latest project.

Back in 2006, Linklater talked about his interest in adapting Darryl Ponicsan’s 2004 novel Last Flag Flying, which is a follow-up to his own 1970 novel The Last Detail. As some of you probably know, the original book was made into a feature film in 1973, starring Jack Nicholson, Randy Quaid and the late Otis Young. The comedy-drama was nominated for three academy awards, and in a 1996 interview, Nicholson called it his best role.

The original story follows two Navy men (Nicholson and Young) who are ordered to bring a delinquent sailor to prison but decide to show him “one last good time along the way.”

The second book, released in 2004, reunites the audience with the trio in a post 9/11 American life. The Hollywood Reporter explains

“The former Naval petty officers come to the aid of their former prisoner, who needs their help to bring home the body of his son who was killed in Iraq. The request sends them back retracing their journey from Norfolk, Va., to Portsmouth, N.H.”

This is the story Linklater wants to tell, and he originally wanted to bring back Nicholson and Quaid, but now it looks like he is hoping to get your attention by casting some hot names in Hollywood.

Steve Carell, Bryan Cranston and Laurence Fishburne are in talks to join the sequel, which might start filming in November. Amazon Studios will be helping out Linklater with this project. It’ll be their first time working together.

No release date has been announced, but we’ll keep you posted.

Movie Review: Kung Fu Panda 3 – Cute, Fun, and Intelligently Made


Here’s something I’ve only said about a few third franchises in a chain; I loved this. This is a really good, really clever storyline that unfolds pretty organically. I mean, haven’t we always kind of known Po was adopted? His father was a bird, for Christ sakes.

Well, that loose end gets tied up in Kung Fu Panda 3, where we meet Li (Bryan Cranston) Po’s (Jack Black) long lost dad. The two connect and Po gets to meet up with a whole world of pandas. All is good, until the evil yak Kai (J.K. Simmons) begins challenging Kung Fu masters across the land, and Po had to train an army of Pandas to fight.

I absolutely loved that they managed to take this in a new, fresh direction without forcing a plot point. It really was a very well done story that’s complicated enough to be intriguing, while simple enough for younger viewers to follow. The writing was phenomenal and there are more than a few laugh out loud moments.


Of course, the animation continues to be excellent and adorable. It’s the caliber of animation that’s expected to come from a DreamWorks/Disney effort. Everything about the movie is visually appealing and it would have gotten marks for that alone if the screenplay was crap.

But the screenplay wasn’t crap. It was pretty damn good. I loved the addition of Bryan Cranston, easily one of my favorite actors, and he has a great ‘dad’ voice. He helped to take this movie to a new dimension.

This movie deserved to be the one to beat out The Revenant at the Box Office. It’s just what we need to recover from that movie anyway. It’s cute, it’s fun and it’s intelligently made. This sequel was written with the same care that an original would have been and that made all the difference. It’s rare to see a number three that isn’t a shameless cash grab, and this clearly isn’t. It appears to still be a labor of love for those involved.


If that’s the caliber they keep producing, they can keep putting out one Kung Fu Panda after another forever and never have a straight to video run. Of course, that isn’t really sustainable, so while I enjoyed this movie, I have to say that enjoyment is bittersweet because I’m sure any future Kung Fu Panda movies will come up lacking when compared to this one.

It’s a fun, uplifting movie that’s tied into a neat storyline and will be difficult to beat for any future animated features. Of course, I’m not aware of any coming out soon, so Kung Fu Panda may reign at the box office for some time. This is clearly a collaborative effort, from the artists at DreamWorks, to screenwriters Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger, as well as Yuh Nelson and her co-director, Alessandro Carloni, who collaborated to deliver a terrific, well-paced storyline for Po and his companions.

If you have kids, this one is worth the watch. Heck, it’s one that’s worth the watch even if you don’t have kids.
This is absolutely worth the watch, though you may want to get comfortable. You’re going to be there awhile.


four and a half stars

 [youtube id=”fGPPfZIvtCw” width=”680″ height=”383″]


10 Celebrities You Probably Forgot Were In Disney Channel Original Movies!

A few months ago we celebrated the strangest Disney Channel Original Movies, and now we are going to dig a little deeper into the TV world of Disney.

Today, we are going to focus on the talent inside those wonderful movies. You might think that Disney loaded those made-for-TV movies up with actors they found outside a gas station.

But you would be wrong…



No. 10 – Kaley Cuoco – “Alley Cats Strike!”

Release Date: 2000

Character: Elisa Bowers

Where You Can Find Her Now: Well, she’s on this little show called The Big Bang Theory. You’ve probably never heard of it. She also starred in The Wedding Ringer with some dude named Kevin Hart. Maybe one day she will finally make it big 😉



No. 9 – Kat Dennings – “The Scream Team”

Release Date: 2002

Character: Claire Carlyle

Where You Can Find Her Now: Just like Kaley Cuoco, Kat Dennings has found a home on CBS. She stars in 2 Broke Girls with Beth Behrs. She was also in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, which was a great film with the never awkward Michael Cera.



No. 8 – Camilla Belle – “Rip Girls”

Release Date: 2000

Character: Sydney Miller

Where You Can Find Her Now: Camilla may not be as popular as the two ladies above her, but she’s still living the dream as an actress out in Hollywood. She has starred in a number of films since her Disney Channel days. Most recently she was in a movie titled The American Side with Matthew Broderick.



No. 7 – Justin Timberlake – “Model Behavior”

Release Date: 2000

Character: Jason

Where You Can Find Him Now: We have no idea. What happened to Justin Timberlake? I think I saw him on SNL a few times, but that’s about it. Poor guy would probably jump at the chance to star in another Disney Channel movie.



No. 6 – Katey Sagal – “Smart House”

Release Date: 1999

Character: Pat (or The House)

Where You Can Find Her Now: She is all over the damn place. She was on 8 Simple Rules (with Kaley Cuoco), Lost, Sons of Anarchy, and you can catch her in Pitch Perfect 2, May 15, 2015. Basically, just turn on your television or watch a movie and you’ll either see her face or hear her voice.



No. 5 – Emmy Rossum – “Genius”

Release Date: 1999

Character: Claire Addison

Where You Can Find Her Now: Her career really developed in 2004. She starred in The Phantom of the Opera and The Day After Tomorrow. After that, Rossum started showing up on everyone’s radar. Most people know her right now as Fiona Gallagher on the TV series Shameless.



No. 4 – Bryan Cranston – “‘Twas the Night”

Release Date: 2001

Character: Nick Wrigley

Where You Can Find Him Now: Just look for the dude still rocking the tighty-whities. That is where you’ll find Bryan. On a serious note, if you haven’t watched Breaking Bad, please go change that right now. Well, finish this list first, share it with your friends, and then go watch it.



No. 3 – Mischa Barton – “A Ring of Endless Light”

Release Date: 2002

Character: Vicky Austin

Where You Can Find Her Now: Mischa is probably best known for her role as Marissa Cooper on The O.C., but her career is still going strong years after the show. Her name is attached to over six film projects this year! She is clearly keeping busy. I have a feeling she will be making a comeback.



No. 2 – Hayden Panettiere – “Tiger Cruise”

Release Date: 2004

Character: Maddie Dolan

Where You Can Find Her Now: The little girl from Remember the Titans is still going strong in Hollywood. She starred in the NBC show Heroes several years ago and is currently starring in the hit ABC show Nashville.



No. 1 – Kristen Stewart – “The Thirteenth Year”

Release Date: 1999

Character: Girl in Fountain Line

Where You Can Find Her Now: Kristen Stewart was only 8-years-old when she made her debut in a Disney Channel movie. She didn’t have any lines, but as you can see from the photo, she already had that famous look perfected. All frowny jokes aside, Stewart is actually an extremely talented actress. She recently starred in the award-winning film Still Alice with Julianne Moore. Go check it out if you haven’t watched it.

Movie Review: Godzilla (2014)

344757,xcitefun-godzilla-movie-poster-5The beginning and the end are entirely two different movies

2 Stars

You know what made the original Godzilla awesome? How much it sucked. Terrible special effects, laughable dialog that didn’t match the actor’s lips, and a ridiculous premise joined together to create an absolutely platinum standard in ‘so bad they’re good’ movies.

The movie starts in the late 90s, with Joe Brody (Bryan Cranston), an American engineer who works at a nuclear power plant near Mount Fuji. Earthquakes are ripping through the Philippines and moving their way to Japan. As a result of these tremors, Brody’s plant breaks apart with much bloodshed. Then comes 15 years of brooding, as Brody can’t get past that day. We get to watch the fascinating site of him studying charts and zoology books. For all this buildup, we get to watch some tremors before finally, monsters show up.

And we root for the monsters because by now, we just want this awful movie to end.

This movie is a lot like being served a strange multiple course meal. The beginning is a soft boiled egg, boring and tedious and not too hard on your digestion. Then, all the sudden, the chef comes back and dumps 17 gallons of extra spicy jambalaya in front of you.


The beginning and the end are entirely two different movies. And for a movie that is called Godzilla, you would actually expect to occasionally see Godzilla.

Turning this classic into a major motion picture does not work. Anyone remember the mistake they made in the 90s with Matthew Broderick? Terrible…

Look, if they really want to remake Godzilla, they need to make it in the spirit it was intended. Screw the plotline, get to the monster quickly, and then have it destroy things for no reason while a bunch of confused looking extras run around screaming.

It worked for Cloverfield. I hear that movie cost $49.99 to film. Seriously, all they used was an iPhone and a lizard.




This movie was a joke and it doesn’t seem to understand the spirit of the original Godzilla at all. Instead, it bores us for the first 45 minutes, and then barrages us with way too many things for the second half. I could not keep all the monsters straight and to be entirely honest, I don’t know if this is racist to monsters, but they all looked the same to me.

If you just want to watch some stuff get thrown around, then I would recommend watching the first 10 minutes of this movie, and the last half an hour. But if you were a fan of the original, chances are you won’t be a fan of this one. In fact, it will probably remind you a lot of the mistake they made in the late 1990s trying to do one of these.

Hollywood, if you want to make a successful Godzilla, I highly recommend getting away from the convoluted plot lines and high end special effects. Instead, you need to make your movie a symphony of badness. B actors, plot turns that make no sense, and monsters that look like puppets are the way to go. Because the truth is Godzilla isn’t supposed to be scary. It’s supposed to be so bad it’s scary.  Watch the Official Trailer below:

[youtube id=”vIu85WQTPRc” width=”633″ height=”356″]