‘Shazam! 2’ Gets Official Release Date, Live-Action Sesame Street Gets Pushed Back

Warner Bros. made a few big announcements this week. They revealed that the sequel ‘Shazam! 2‘ will have an April 1, 2022 release date.

The first film was released back in April of 2019 and was a surprise hit. It made close to $400 million worldwide and was honestly a lot of fun to watch. This is coming from someone who doesn’t typically like superhero films.

In addition to announcing the Shazam 2 release date, the studio also revealed that the live-action Sesame Street film would be pushed back six months to January 15, 2022.

Portlandia director and co-creator Jonathan Krisel will helm the “Sesame Street” musical, co-financed by Warner Bros. and MGM. Shawn Levy is producing with Michael Aguilar. Mike Rosolio and Chris Galletta have written drafts for the pic. Sesame Workshop, which holds the rights to the show and is involved in the development of the movie.

January 15 feels like an odd release date for the film. It makes you wonder how much faith they have in it.

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