‘Captain America: Civil War’ Helps Disney Break The Most Impressive Box Office Record


Ain’t no party like a Disney/Marvel party! The studio is probably still celebrating after Captain America: Civil War brought home a massive $181.8 million during its opening weekend. That number is good enough for the fifth-biggest opening ever.

But this movie isn’t just a hit in the United States. It’s a worldwide smash, and it’s already earned $678.4 million globally, which is just absolutely insane. And the good news is that it should stay strong in its second week, thanks to the strong reviews from critics and fans.

Those numbers are obviously impressive, but you haven’t heard the most impressive stat yet. Last year, Universal set the record with the fastest climb to the $1 billion mark. The studio reached the mark on June 14, thanks to Furious 7 and Jurassic World.

Well, Disney has crushed that record. The studio now holds the record for the fastest climb to $1 billion. It’s a huge number and it’s something the studio should be really proud of. And they still have a number of important films coming later this year.

You have Finding Dory next month, Pete’s Dragon in August, Moana in November, Doctor Strange in November, and Rogue One in December. They are set to have one of the best years in box office history.

It’s going to be fun to see how high they can climb.

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