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Watch The First Teaser Trailer For Upcoming ‘Teen Wolf’ Film

‘Teen Wolf’ ran for a pretty successful six seasons on MTV from 2011 to 2017. The series was loosely based on the 1985 film of the same name, where a young werewolf defends his California town from supernatural creatures.

Now, the tv series is getting a film follow up. Most of the original cast have returned for this feature length sequel, including Tyler Posey and much to everyone’s surprise, Crystal Reed.

One of the biggest reveals of the trailer came in the final moments, when Crystal Reed’s character Allison returns from the dead.

Creator Jeff Davis says he wanted to make sure he did the character justice.

Having her back was amazing. I texted Crystal, ‘We don’t really have a story yet. I mostly have ideas but I always said if I was gonna do a movie, I would bring back Allison.’ She texted back and said that she burst into tears. She was in from that moment.

It’s reported that Paramount+ actually wanted Davis to restart the series, but he told them he only had a feature left in him, so that’s what they got.

Teen Wolf: The Movie will premiere on Paramount+ in October 2022.

Check out the teaser below…

Jordan Peele’s Latest Film ‘Nope’ Earns $6.4 Million In Thursday Night Previews

Jordan Peele’s third feature film, Nope, is hitting theaters this weekend. The sci-fi/horror-comedy blockbuster is expected to earn a good amount of money at the box office.

Experts say it might reach the $50 million mark in its opening weekend, and it’s certainly off to a solid start with a $6.4 million Thursday night preview. It premiered in over 3,250 theaters last night and will expand to even more theaters tonight.

His previous horror flick, Us, managed to land $7.4 million in its Thursday night preview back in March of 2019, so the numbers aren’t too far off. Us went on to make $71 million in its opening weekend, the best opening for an R-rated horror film.

How do the films match up when it comes to the critics? Well, they’re fairly close. Us has a 93% rating on the site, and Nope currently sits at 81%, but of note, Nope currently holds the better audience score, although it’s likely that number drops as more votes come in.

Nope was made on a $68 million budget, not including marketing costs, so it’s likely closer to $100 million.

The good news is that it should make that back and more, once its run in theaters is complete.

Harry Styles’ Queer Drama ‘My Policeman’ Will Have World Premiere At TIFF

Harry Styles entered our lives as the lead singer of a boy band, and somehow, he’s transitioned into a serious actor.

In addition to his co-starring role in the highly anticipated ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ film from Olivia Wilde, the 28-year-old entertainer is also leading the upcoming queer drama, My Policeman.

In My Policeman, based on the award-winning novel of the same name by Bethan Roberts, Styles plays closeted copper Tom, who sparks a relationship with Patrick (Peaky Blinders‘ David Dawson), a handsome museum curator.

And because it begins in the 1950s, when homosexuality was still illegal in Britain, Styles’ character decides to settle down with a schoolteacher named Marion, played by Emma Corrin.

Flashing forward to the 1990s, Tom (Linus Roache), Marion (Gina McKee), and Patrick (Rupert Everett) are still reeling with longing and regret, but are faced with one last chance to repair the damage of the past.

My Policeman, which was directed by Michael Grandage, is set to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

It’ll then be released inside theaters on October 21, followed by a release on Prime Video two weeks later.

Check out the teaser below…

Watch Zoey Deutch In First Trailer For Dark Comedy Film ‘Not Okay’

Searchlight Pictures has blessed us with the first official trailer for their upcoming social media satire, Not Okay, starring Zoey Deutch.

The film is described as a cautionary tale about social media fame and fortune. And it apparently features some “unlikable” characters, because the trailer begins with a cheeky message stating, “This film contains an unlikeable female protagonist. Viewer discretion advised.”

Deutch is playing this unlikeable protagonist, Danni Sanders.

An aimless and friendless writer who fakes a trip to Paris on her Instagram page. And why is she so unlikeable? During the fake trip, a terrorist attack rocks the city, forcing Danni to incorporate the chaos and drama of the tragedy into her sham vacation posts. But as the cracks in her feigned survivor status emerge, karma comes knocking, and Danni’s online world soon implodes.

That’s actually a really neat premise and I can’t wait to watch this movie. In addition to Deutch, this movie co-stars Dylan O’Brien and Mia Isaac.

Quinn Shephard directed and wrote the project. It’s set to debut on Hulu on July 29. Check out the trailer below…

Watch The First Official Trailer For ‘Halloween Ends’

Finally, after over 40 years, the battle between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers is coming to an end.

Universal Pictures dropped the first trailer for ‘Halloween Ends‘ this week, the third and final installment in the sequel trilogy that continued the original 1978 classic horror flick.

According to the reports, this movie will be the last time Jamie Lee Curtis plays the role of Strode, which means either she dies in this movie, or she finally kills Michael for good, which seems nearly impossible.

Back in February, when filming wrapped, Curtis went on her Instagram to say goodbye to the franchise, writing:

A bittersweet END for me on the Halloween movies. I’ve made great friends and have collaborated with wonderful artists on these three movies and today my part in the film has been completed and with it the END for me of this trilogy.

According to John Carpenter, who directed the original Halloween film, this upcoming sequel is a little different than the previous two films in the trilogy. Carpenter is still on board as an exec producer.

Halloween Ends is set to hit theaters on October 14, 2022. Check out the trailer below…

Eddie Murphy Set To Star In Holiday Comedy Film ‘Candy Cane Lane’ For Prime Video

Eddie Murphy in a Christmas flick? Yeah, I can dig it. The comedy legend is set to produce/star in the upcoming holiday comedy film, Candy Cane Lane.

The deal is with Amazon Studios. It’s actually part of his 3-picture deal with the streaming giant. It looks like Eddie Murphy’s production company acquired the rights to this spec script from writer Kelly Younger. The movie is supposedly inspired by Younger’s childhood holiday experiences.

Production is scheduled to begin this winter in Los Angeles, which means we’re likely looking at a Christmas 2023 release date. And according to the report, it’ll skip theaters and premiere directly on Amazon Prime in more than 240 countries.

Reginald Hudlin will direct the flick, and it’s safe to say, Hudlin is excited:

The holiday season is my favorite time of year—just ask my family about my nine-hour Christmas playlist. I‘m excited to be working again with Eddie Murphy, Brian Grazer, and Amazon.

They’re hoping this movie turns into a holiday classic. No word on who will star alongside Murphy, but we’re sure he’ll have no problem recruiting. If Eddie calls… you pick up!

‘Euphoria’ Star Storm Reid Set To Produce And Star In Upcoming Paramount Film ‘Becoming Noble’

Storm Reid, perhaps best known for playing the younger sister of Rue on Euphoria, is about to get her passion project off the ground with Paramount Pictures.

According to the reports, the 19-year-old actress will star/produce the upcoming feature film, Becoming Noble.

The film centers on the high school senior Noble (Reid), who after finding out she is a Princess in an African nation, travels to her home country on the continent to discover her roots—and to determine if royal is something she really wants to be.

Nneka Gerstle (Just Beyond) is writing the script.

Reid told Variety the following:

This has truly been a passion project and we are so excited to bring this story to life. Becoming Noble started out as just an idea that we continued to build on together and we now look forward to working with the team at Paramount to hit the ground running.

We do not know if a director has been attached, but we will keep you posted as more news becomes available. No word on a potential release date yet either. It appears they’re still early in the process.

The Early Reactions To Jordan Peele’s Horror-Comedy ‘Nope’ Are Super Positive!

Jordan Peele has already shown he’s an outstanding filmmaker. His first two films, Get Out and Us, received outstanding reviews from critics and were both hits at the box office.

And now he’s ready to return to theaters with his third feature, the horror-comedy, Nope. And this film promises to be a little different than his first two movies. He went big with this one. Working with a bigger budget and tackling a bigger idea… ALIENS!

It’s more of a summer blockbuster than his first two movies, and according to the early reactions, it’s going to be worth the price of admission.

Nope hits theaters this weekend, so get your tickets now! Screenings are selling out! The movie stars Keke Palmer, Daniel Kaluuya and Steven Yeun.

Check out the trailer below…

Watch Kate Bosworth And Emile Hirsch In First Trailer For ‘The Immaculate Room’

One month before its scheduled release, Screen Media has dropped the first trailer for the psychological thriller film, The Immaculate Room.

The movie, which was written and directed by Mukunda Michael Dewil, stars Kate Bosworth and Emile Hirsch as a couple who join an experiment for the chance to win $5 million dollars.

The experiment? Spend 50 days in a completely white room with no contact with the outside world. There’s no phone, no friends, no family. Only the voice of the Immaculate Room keeping them in check if they think of straying.

It’s certainly an interesting premise. I do wonder if it will be able to carry a feature length film, but I’m intrigued enough to give it a shot.

It also sparks an interesting conversation. Do you think you’d be able to do it? Personally, I love money, so I think I’d be able to fight through it for $5 million. But then again, nearly two months in a white room with no internet, windows, family… that would be rough. It actually sounds more terrifying the more I think about it.

Check out the trailer below. It’s set to hit select theaters and on demand on August 19, 2022.

Sylvester Stallone Has Beef With ‘Rocky’ Producer Over Ownership Rights

76-year-old actor (yes, he’s 76 now!) Sylvester Stallone has major beef with Irwin Winkler, the producer behind the original ‘Rocky’ film.

According to Stallone, the 93-year-old producer has been super greedy when it comes to the Rocky/Creed franchise.

After Irwin controlling ‘Rocky’ for over 47 years, and now ‘Creed’, I really would like to have at least a little [of] WHAT’S LEFT of my rights back, before passing it on to ONLY YOUR CHILDREN — I believe that would be a fair gesture from this 93-year-old gentleman?

Even though Stallone wrote and starred in the original film way back in 1976 (and continued to star in its sequels) he claims he was pushed out of any ownership rights.

He did receive first-dollar gross on the early ‘Rocky’ sequels and earned net points off the original film, which brought in over $200 million worldwide. So he definitely made some nice money from the flicks.

But he says it’s starting to die down because he doesn’t have any ownership.

I have zero ownership of ‘Rocky. It was shocking that it never came to be, but I was told, ‘Hey, you got paid, so what are you complaining about?’ I was furious. This is a painful subject that eats at my soul, because I wanted to leave something of Rocky for my children, but it’s always great hearing from the loyal fans… Keep punching.

I feel for him, but I don’t know. If at 93-years-old, this producer still hasn’t offered any, I doubt he’s going to change his mind now.