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Watch The First Trailer For Coming-Of-Age Film ‘The Sky Is Everywhere’

I’m a sucker for a good coming-of-age flick, and it looks like the upcoming AppleTV+ film ‘The Sky Is Everywhere’ might check all the boxes.

The movie is based on Jandy Nelson’s 2010 New York Times bestselling novel of the same name, which follows a girl named Lennie, a shy teen who is grieving from the sudden death of her older sister.

In the trailer, the character explains, “There is no more music in me, no more dreams in me,” but then everything changes when she meets a new student who impresses her with his musical knowledge.

Meanwhile, Lennie grows closer with her sister’s former fiancé, Toby Shaw (Pico Alexander). A love triangle blossoms out of grief, as Lennie’s grandmother (Cherry Jones) explains is only natural.

Jason Segal plays Lennie’s uncle in the movie, and Grace Kaufman has the starring role as Lennie.

The Sky Is Everywhere novel was initially optioned by Warner Bros. upon release, while Apple and A24 previously teamed up for Decker’s Sundance breakout film ‘Madeline’s Madeline,’ also set in high school.

Josephine Decker directed this movie, and Nelson actually wrote the screenplay, so it’s nice the studio allowed the author to bring her words to screen.

The Sky Is Everywhere will premiere February 11 in select theaters and on AppleTV+

Hollywood Is Trying To Make A Sequel To ‘A Christmas Story’

‘A Christmas Story’ has been a Christmas classic for decades now. It’s up there with Home Alone, The Santa Clause, Elf, It’s A Wonderful Life, and many more. Typically, you don’t mess with a classic, but Hollywood just can’t help themselves.

It’s being reported that Legendary and Warner Bros. have closed a deal with Peter Billingsley to star in a film titled A Christmas Story Christmas, which is being described as a sequel to the original film.

Billingsley played Ralphie in the 1983 film, so the fact that he has agreed to return is huge for the studio. This sequel will reportedly premiere on HBO Max. Sources claim Julie Hagerty will play Billingsley’s mother.

The script was written by Nick Schenk, who will also executive produce, and Clay Kaytis will direct. Billingsley will also produce along with his partner Vince Vaughn through their Wild West Picture Show banner. 

And if you think, “Okay, but this probably won’t actually happen” think again, cause insiders say production is set to begin next month in Bulgaria.

The film follows an adult Ralphie (Billingsley) in the 1970s, who returns to the house on Cleveland Street to deliver his kids a magical Christmas like the one he had growing up. With the same attention to real-life tone of the first, Ralphie reconnects with childhood friends, reconciles the passing of his Old Man and sews the seeds for the origins of the beloved holiday classic.

Okiedokie then. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the original film, so I doubt I’ll like the sequel much, but who knows, maybe it’ll somehow become another classic, although, we highly doubt it.

Watch Naomi Watts In The Suspense-Filled Trailer For ‘The Desperate Hour’

If you’re a fan of thrillers and movies set in one day, then the ‘The Desperate Hour‘ looks like it might be the perfect flick for you.

Naomi Watts stars in the film as Amy Carr, a widowed mother trying to restore some normalcy in the lives of her teenage son and young daughter.

Unfortunately, normalcy will have to wait when she receives a terrifying phone call while out on a run. Her son has been taken hostage following a shooting at his school.

Miles away, on foot in the dense forest, Amy desperately races against time to save her son.

I mean, hey… that certainly sounds suspenseful. No doubt this movie should get your heart pumping. The movie was directed by Phillip Noyce, an Australian filmmaker who has directed nearly 20 features in the past 30 years.

Chris Sparling, the writer behind Buried and Greenland, wrote the script, which seems to suggest it will be a solid flick. I very much enjoyed both Buried and Greenland.

The Desperate Hour will hit theaters and on demand February 25, 2022. Check out the trailer below…

Robert Pattinson In Talks To Star In ‘Parasite’ Director Bong Joon Ho’s Next Film

The best movie of 2019 without question was Bong Joon-ho’s South Korean comedy thriller Parasite. It was a perfect film, and that’s not something I say often. It’s hard for a movie to be perfect, but Parasite was immaculate. It won Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay and Best Director at the Oscars.

And now, Bong Joon-ho is getting ready for his next feature, which is being set up with Warner Bros.

According to insiders, Robert Pattinson is in talks to star in the movie, which is an adaptation of Edward Ashton’s upcoming sci-fi novel, Mickey7.

According to the book’s publisher St. Martin Press, the high-concept cerebral thriller is best described as ‘The Martian’ meets ‘Dark Matter.’ The tale is about an ‘expendable’ — a disposable employee on a human expedition sent to colonize the ice world Nifheim — who refuses to let his replacement clone, dubbed Mickey 8, take his place.

The highly anticipated novel is set to be released next month. It’s already getting rave reviews from those who were gifted advanced copies.

We don’t know how closely Bong will follow the events in the book. It’s likely he does a bit of his own thing with the source material.

It’ll be Bong’s first feature since Parasite, which became the highest-grossing South Korean film in history.

Can’t wait to hear more details on this latest project.

Watch Jenna Ortega And Maddie Ziegler In First Trailer For ‘The Fallout’

If you don’t know who Jenna Ortega is yet, well, you will soon. The 19-year-old actress is on the rise, starring in the most recent Scream film, as well as an upcoming horror-comedy titled X, which is going to be a hit.

But she’s not just a horror actress. Ortega starred in the recent drama, The Fallout, alongside Maddie Ziegler.

Megan Park made her directorial debut with the film, which won the Audience Award for Narrative Feature at the 2021 SXSW Film Festival.

Jenna Ortega stars as Vada, a high schooler in emotional freefall after a school shooting alters her friends, family, and other relationships in her orbit. Others affected by the shooting act out in different ways to cope with their pain. Once-silly Nick (Will Ropp) becomes an overnight sensation as a victim’s advocate, while Quinton (left injured by the shooting) proves to be the most surprisingly emotionally stable.

The movie has received strong reviews from critics, with most praising Ortega’s performance and Park’s talent as a first-time director.

The Fallout will be released on HBO Max on January 27, so you don’t have to wait much longer to check it out.

Watch the trailer below…

Kathy Bates And John Malkovich Set To Star In Upcoming Indie Film ‘Thelma’

Talk about an impressive cast, director Ken Kwapis is going to have a lot of talent to work with for his upcoming indie feature, Thelma.

It was revealed this week that Kathy Bates, John Malkovich and Lewis Pullman have all signed on to star in the project, which recounts the true story of the mother of American novelist John Kennedy Toole.

Toole died by suicide before finding a home for his masterpiece, and his mother Thelma (Bates) made it her life’s mission, through outrageous gamesmanship, to see the book published. She eventually succeeded in getting the manuscript into the hands of writer Walker Percy (Malkovich), who became the novel’s champion. It would be published in 1980, eleven years after Ken’s death, thereafter becoming a widely celebrated cult classic.

Andrew Farotte wrote the original draft of the script, which ended up on The Black List, which is an annual list of the best unproduced screenplays.

Kwapis had this to say about Bates playing the lead role:

Thelma Toole is one of the most audacious characters I’ve ever encountered, and I can imagine no one better to bring her tenacity to life than Kathy Bates.

This has all the ingredients to be an outstanding film, but we’ll see if the cast & crew can execute. No word on a potential release date.

Say Whaaat? Daniel Radcliffe Set To Play Weird Al Yankovic In Upcoming Biopic

Here’s some strange news for your Tuesday morning, Daniel Radcliffe has signed on to star as Weird Al Yankovic in an upcoming biopic, which is being produced by Roku. Yes, it’s a Roku original movie.

It’ll be Roku’s first original biopic and will be available to stream exclusively on the Roku Channel. In addition to Roku, the project is being produced by Funny or Die and Tango.

The official synopsis reads:

The biopic holds nothing back, exploring every facet of Yankovic’s life, from his meteoric rise to fame with early hits like ‘Eat It’ and ‘Like a Surgeon’ to his torrid celebrity love affairs and famously depraved lifestyle. ‘Weird: The Al Yankovic Story’ takes audiences on a truly unbelievable journey through Yankovic’s life and career, from gifted child prodigy to the greatest musical legend of all time.

I’m not sure how I feel about watching Weird Al’s “torrid” celebrity love affairs, but hey, let’s test it out. I’m assuming that line was said in jest, though.

Yankovic co-wrote the script with Eric Appel, who is also set to direct the film. In a statement to the media, the 62-year-old singer-comedian had this to say…

When my last movie UHF came out in 1989, I made a solemn vow to my fans that I would release a major motion picture every 33 years, like clockwork. I’m very happy to say we’re on schedule. And I am absolutely thrilled that Daniel Radcliffe will be portraying me in the film. I have no doubt whatsoever that this is the role future generations will remember him for.

Production on the film is set to begin in February in Los Angeles.

Rupert Grint Says He Thinks Of J.K. Rowling As An “Auntie” Who Says Crazy Things

As most of you know, J.K. Rowling has been doing her best to ruin her good name. She was once the beloved author of the ridiculously popular Harry Potter book series, but now she’s that crazy lady ranting about transgender women on Twitter.

It’s strange how personal her vendetta against the transgender community seems to be. Every few weeks, she drops some new borderline hateful comment. Twitter drags her, and then she does it again a couple weeks later. I suppose when you’re a billionaire, you don’t care about what Twitter thinks of you.

But what about the cast of the Harry Potter film series? Daniel Radcliffe already wrote a letter in 2020, making it clear he does not support Rowling’s views.

Transgender women are women. Any statement to the contrary erases the identity and dignity of transgender people and goes against all advice given by professional health care associations who have far more expertise on this subject matter than either Jo or I. To all the people who now feel that their experience of the [‘Harry Potter’] books has been tarnished or diminished, I am deeply sorry for the pain these comments have caused you.

He’s probably been the most outspoken cast member, along with Emma Watson. But here recently, Rupert Grint talked to London’s Times and revealed he views Rowling as an auntie.

I don’t necessarily agree with everything my auntie says, but she’s still my auntie. It’s a tricky one.

And that’s an interesting point. The internet loves to “cancel” people. If you’re friends with someone who supported Trump, you must cut them out of your life or you’re part of the problem.

But really, how many people are practicing what they preach? You’re telling me they don’t have a grandparent that voted for Trump? Or an aunt that says some questionable things about gay people? You’re telling me they don’t accept their presents during Christmas? They send the gift card to Olive Garden back? Naaah. I don’t think so.

Alison Brie Set To Join John Cena In Upcoming Action-Comedy ‘Freelance’

Looks like John Cena is surrounding himself with a pretty powerful comedy team for his upcoming action-comedy flick, Freelance.

It was just reported that ‘Glow‘ actress Alison Brie will co-star alongside the former professional wrestler. The movie is being directed by ‘Taken‘ filmmaker Pierre Morel.

The script by Jacob Lentz centers on an ex-special forces operator who, desperate to escape his humdrum life, takes a job providing security for a journalist who is hoping to salvage her career by interviewing a dictator. Things go sideways when a military coup breaks out in the middle of the interview, and the mismatched duo, along with the dictator, escape to the jungle where they must survive the military chasing them, animals hunting them and each other.

Cena will of course be playing the ex-special forces operator, while Brie will be playing the journalist. Together, they should make a pretty hilarious team.

According to the latest report, the movie will start shooting later this month in Colombia. AGC is the studio behind the project.

Sounds like it certainly has the potential to be an entertaining flick. No word on who else is starring in the movie, but hopefully more details are released once filming actually begins.

‘Scream’ Has Strong Opening Weekend, Takes Number One Spot At Box Office

We told you after its solid Thursday night preview, the new ‘Scream‘ film could make between $20 and $30 million during its opening weekend.

Well, turns out the projections were a little low. The horror/slasher made $34 million from over 3,600 locations across the country, which is a very impressive opening, considering parts of the country are still getting slammed by COVID-19.

The movie topped the box office, finally breaking Spider-Man: No Way Home’s hold on the number one spot. But still, the Sony flick broke even more records. It’s now made over $702 million, which means it just passed Black Panther to become the fourth highest-grossing domestic release in history.

But let’s move back to Scream. As mentioned above, it’s already made over $34 million, which means it’s already profitable, at least according to the reported budget. It was reportedly made for just $25 million. We don’t know if that includes marketing, but even if it doesn’t, the movie is still on its way to becoming a huge success.

Scream has brought back a moribund franchise to life, introducing younger audiences to a series of films that had been left for dead after the box office disappointment of 2011’s ‘Scream 4.’ The key to its appeal was that Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, the directing duo behind ‘Ready or Not,’ paid homage to the films that came before Scream while updating the series with a savage twist on toxic fandom that resonated with younger crowds.

The movie has been described as “a lot of fun” with some crazy twists and a solid amount of laughs. If you haven’t checked it out, maybe you should change that this week.