Movie Review: Black Mass (2015) – Depp Returns To His Element of Playing Complex Characters.

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If you’re as sick of watching Johnny Depp play eccentric, weirdly dressed characters, or dudes in guyliner as I am, then Black Mass will be a welcome respite for you. This movie sees Depp go back to his roots, as one of the best method actors around.

The premise is based on the real life drama that saw one of the biggest criminals in history, Whitey Bulger, become an FBI informant. It focuses on FBI Special Agent (Joel Edgerton), a man who actually knew and admired Bulger when he was growing up in South Boston. Of course, Connelly went the other way with his career and eventually tried to turn Bulger (Johnny Depp) into a FBI informant. Of course, this informant deal is a bit well…unethical. In this case, Bulger won’t inform on any of his Irish mob buddies. Instead, he’ll be ratting on the Patriarca crime family. It isn’t long before Bulger uses the opportunity to get the FBI to take out the competition for him, with bloody and catastrophic results.

The acting in this was extremely well done. Depp is barely recognizable as the balding, paunchy Bulger and Edgerton stand out as an agent whose own moral compass becomes increasingly skewed. Ironically, Edgerton actually reminded me a bit of when Depp played Donnie Brasco.

Black Mass - 25SEP2015

I liked that they stuck to accuracy in the Whitey Bulger story. Much of what was presented is widely believed to actually have happened, though there are a few disputes from some of the key players, for obvious reasons. They had to mess with the timeline a bit to make it work, but in reality, I liked that they tried to go with the story and not embellish a story that was pretty good on its face.

On the flip, I think they tried a bit too hard to make Bulger likeable. In one scene, that I highly doubt ever happen, Bulger stops to help some old lady with her groceries, because deep down, he’s just a gentlemanly south Boston boy. Oh, please…I think enough court records and information exists to make it pretty darn believable that if Bulger did ever help a woman with her groceries, it was for the purpose of stealing them. Why does every gangster movie need to focus on the goal of turning said gangster into Robin Hood?

20150430_BlackMass_trailer - 25SEP2015

The sad fact is, sometimes, people are just sociopathic monsters. Bulger falls far more on that side than he does of a saintly robin hood. I can accept the fact that he wasn’t a saint. I don’t need to sympathize with him to understand him. In fact, I don’t want to. I have no desire to join any kind of criminal fraternity. If I need moral ambiguity, I’ll get it from Connolly, the truly sympathetic character in this film.

But that slim complaint aside, I will say this is an enjoyable, well written piece that returned Depp to his element of playing complex characters. I had my doubts about him playing Whitey, but he pulled it off. That alone makes this movie worth the watch.


four and a half stars

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Movie Review: Vendetta – I Just Didn’t Buy The Whole “Dean Cain, Badass” Thing

ven_6 - 22jun2015

Never in my life have I wanted to pat Dean Cain on the head and say ‘good try’ more than I do right now. I get that’s he’s trying to play a tough guy, but in my heart, he’ll always be Clark Kent. No, not superman. I mean he’s just so generically Clark Kent. There’s just something that’s so weirdly average about him.

He plays a great serial killer though. I’ll give him that. In fact, I think he might be one.

Back to the movie. Vendetta is a movie whose plot can be summarized by its name. It follows the same generic outline. Mason Danvers (Dean Cain) is a cop with a mission. His arch nemesis Victor Abbot (Paul “The Big Show” Wight) had his wife killed and now he had a vendetta to settle. Hence the name of the movie. Lucky for Danvers, Abbot’s in prison. So it’s off to jail for lots of bare knuckle fights and subtle innuendos about ass rape.

Let’s just admit that Dean Cain would be insanely popular in prison. While you’re trying to watch this movie, your mind will keep drifting back to that thought.

There’s no real plot to speak of. The entire thing is reliant on rapid fire action, which isn’t bad in and of itself. Cain spends most of the movie punching his way in and out of things. But he just kind of ruins it for me.

As a result, even though this movie has a lot of the things I like, shivs and punching and the like, the whole thing just rings so falsely to me that I can’t seem to get invested. I can’t make myself care.

ven_10 22JUN2015

deancainvendetta - 22jun2015

Even when Danvers loses his wife, I just kind of said “eh, saw that coming.” The fact is no happy couple at a beginning of a movie with a name like “Vendetta” gets to make it to the end. That’s just a Hollywood rule. The Big Show is pretty good, but his job is mainly to be menacing.

He does that by walking into a room.

But no matter how many beatings Danvers dished out, I just didn’t buy the whole “Dean Cain, Badass” thing. The fights were choreographed well. They looked gruesome and violent. This movie definitely has a mean streak. It’s just that Dean Cain doesn’t feel like he does.

If you’re looking for a gritty revenge thriller, I just can’t recommend this. It’s a formulaic movie and it should have worked. But Dean Cain as the lead just throws the whole thing off. As a result, it’s impossible to get into.

Maybe it’s all the years in Lifetime movies, but Dean Cain just feels softly menacing. He’s the kind of guy who buys you flowers…and then disposes of your body in a lake. When I see him playing a hard ass role, its more ‘charming sociopath’ not bare knuckle bad ass.

It’s a loud movie, with a lot of in your face, brutal action. It’s earned its R rating for the violence and f bombs dropped. It’s just that every time a bad word comes out of Dain Cain’s mouth, you’ll flinch. It’s like catching your mom rapping. It just doesn’t work.

WE GAVE IT : 3 STARS! Watch the Official Trailer and See the Official Movie Poster below


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Movie Review: Spy (2015) – McCarthy Is No Longer A Sidekick. She’s A Leading Lady In Her Own Right.

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There is something so refreshing about Melissa McCarthy and the characters she plays. She doesn’t rely on sex appeal, but she doesn’t stay in the background either. She’s not an object of pity. She’s just a funny lady with some great comedic timing. That’s why is decided to check out Spy.

In it, we meet Susan Cooper (McCarthy) a desk bound CIA agent who spends most of her time shut up in the agency’s basement, crushing on the debonair Bradley Fine (Jude Law). Then, when her unrequited crush is taken by the evil Rayna Boyanov (Rose Byrne), Cooper is sent into the field to retrieve him. Once Boyanov and Cooper meet, that’s where the film really gets going. These two had some amazing chemistry that really made the film shine.

The movie is a bit similar to the first movie that rocketed McCarthy into the limelight, The Heat. This one is something more, because we don’t have to deal with Sandra Bullock’s nails on a chalkboard approach to comedy. There’s just something about Bullock that’s inherently unlikeable and I’ve always found her less than stellar in comedic performances.

Melissa-Mccarthy-Spy-Wallpapers - 14JUN2015

spy-4-gallery-image 14JUN2015

 Teaming McCarthy with Byrne was the best choice. These two have strong chemistry and work together well, neither overshadowing the other. Byrne’s snark and McCarthy’s clueless comebacks are worth a laugh every single time.

Of course, we see some character growth in this film. McCarthy’s character goes from wearing crochet tops and using “Jesus Christmas” as her favorite swear word, to wearing leather and swearing like a trucker.

One thing that confused me about this film. Why are there so many British people in the CIA? This includes one character the film could have done without, Nancy (Miranda Hart). She’s sent to be Susan’s sidekick, but really just manages to be incredibly irritating. The main characters are already the comedic relief in this story. There was no need to add more.

The ending ties up loose ends nicely, while leaving plenty of room for a sequel. They don’t kill off anyone important, so most of the characters will come back to play. While I was initially dreading them making more Heat movies, I have to say, I’d be happy to watch a sequel of Spy. There’s just something about McCarthy and America’s attitude towards her that’s grown in that time. McCarthy is no longer a sidekick. She’s a leading lady in her own right.

Though I do hope that she doesn’t get stuck playing one kind of character all the time. She has range and talent, and it would be a shame if she was turned into the chubby funny girl permanently. While I do enjoy a story about a bumbling cop, there’s only so many anyone can make without people getting sick of them.

Just ask Paul Blart.

Spy is an enjoyable effort that will keep audience members laughing. There’s the occasional spy movie cliché, but for the most part, the gags are gags that haven’t been done before. This is easily worth the watch and worth the sequel.
WE GAVE IT: 4 Stars – Watch the Official Trailer and Official Movie Poster below!

4 stars

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Movie Review: Aloha – Stone Over Acts, Cooper Under Acts, And Murray Only Shines In Comedic Scenes

aloha-mv-5 - 08JUN2015

Despite its heavy marketing campaign, it appears that Cameron Crowe’s latest rom-com has flopped at the box office. I’m starting to think Crowe’s heyday was the late 90s, early 2000s, with films like Jerry McGuire and Say Anything. I have a feeling Vanilla Sky might have broken him, because I haven’t seen anything worthwhile come from him in a very long time.

Aloha is the final anchor pulling him into his downward spiral.

In present day Hawaii, with absolutely no Hawaiian people, Bradley Cooper plays Brian Gilcrest, a defense contractor who has returned to Hawaii for a space program job. Rachel McAdams plays Tracy, his former lady love who is now married to pilot Woody (John Krasinski). Just because, they dump in another love interest Allison Ng (Emma Stone) who is his Air Force handler. At first they don’t get along, then he decides to team up with her to stop evil mastermind Carson Welch (Bill Murray) who is there to launch a weapons satellite.

Yeah, that’s right. At the last minute, it gets really, really weird and turns into some kind of action thriller over a rom com. It’s like two short scripts crammed together for the purpose of making a movie and it didn’t work.

Despite the star studded cast, no one really pulls through in their rolls. Stone over acts, Cooper under acts, and Murray only shines in the comedic scenes, coming off as ridiculous when it comes to more dramatic moments.

I had no idea why Rachel McAdams was even there. It felt like she was just the requisite lab coat wearing love interest, but then you throw in Stone, and there’s no reason for the love interest. Too many characters were trying to be balanced when less would have done the job.

aloha-mv-3 - 08jun2015

aloha-mv-6 - 08JUN2015

It feels like Crowe was trying to do something similar to A Foreign Affair, the 1948 romance that managed to balance a cynical look at the black market in post war Germany, with a lighthearted romance. The problem is, Crowe doesn’t seem to have Billy Wilder’s cynicism, and it comes through when the bad guy comes off as incredibly cartoonish.

Crowe used to know his way around a rom-com. He used to be able to balance the nefarious with the sweetness and light of a perfect couple. Like in Say Anything, where he hooked up the uptight girl, with the requisite bad boy, then gummed up the works by turning her dad into a guy who steals from disabled old people.

Aloha doesn’t have that seamless transition. It doesn’t have enough edge to truly pull off the darker parts of the film and it doesn’t have the chemistry to make people watch it for the romance. It’s just a messy, forgettable effort.

This is not going to be the career highlight for anyone involved in the project. Much like I imagine Tom Cruise flinches when someone mentions Vanilla Sky, Cooper will flinch when someone mentions Aloha. It’s just not worth the watch.

WE GAVE IT: 2 Stars – Watch the Official Trailer and Official Movie Poster below!

2 Stars

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Aloha official movie poster

Movie Review: Pitch Perfect 2 – Almost As Fun As The First

pitch_perfect_anna_kendrick_a_l - 29MAY2015

I’ve never been a big one for musicals. I’m one of the few people that used to fast forward through all of the singing parts in Glee. One thing I like about Pitch Perfect is that despite the fact that it’s about music, it isn’t too heavy on the music. The characters aren’t randomly bursting into song every three minutes, which made this premise tolerable for me. But it’s really the humor that sells it. While I will say the story is there, it’s a bit been there done that.

In this installment, we are again introduced to a perky acapella singing group, after they suffer an embarrassing mishap onstage. They then fight to get into an international acapella competition to redeem themselves and their group. To be honest, this premise was almost exactly the same as the first. If you really need to know it, just go watch Pitch Perfect. The only thing that changed is the venue.

Luckily, the snarky humor was there. It still has the breezy humor of the first, and is a movie that makes you fall in love with it, as it makes fun of itself. The actors brought the same energy they had and when it comes to laughs and dialog, it didn’t fall flat.

One area where it did fail was the failure to use Kendric. While the first movie really centered on her, she’s more of an afterthought in this one. That’s a shame, because I like my heroines with a bit of edge. She’s still edgy in this one, but we just don’t see as much of her.

Pitch Perfect 2 two - 29MAY2015

Pitch perfect 2 Moive stills - 29MAY2015

This time around, it’s Rebel Wilson who takes center stage. That’s a bit of a problem, as Wilson is and always has been a one note character. She had charm and great comic shtick, but a little of her goes a long way and focusing the film around her felt kind of exhausting. I feel like if they’d toned her down a bit, it would have been more tolerable.

The music is a bit overproduced for something that’s supposed to be acapella. It’s almost too perfect and it causes a bit of a disconnect between the story and the sound. The scenes with the other groups in the international competition were amusing, but they went a bit too far with the stereotypes and turned every other country into a weird cliché.

There are a bit too many storylines going on as well. They really didn’t need to add as much as they did. There were lots of side plots about Beca’s secret internship that really didn’t need to be there. I also wasn’t 100% sure why she was hiding it. I mean, she’s a senior in college. Of course she’s going to secure her future, right? They could have removed that part entirely and the movie wouldn’t have suffered for it. It also would have felt a bit cleaner.

I will say it was worth the watch. It just wasn’t quite as good at the first go-around.

WE GAVE IT: 4 Stars – Watch the Official Trailer and Official Movie Poster below!

4 stars


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Movie Review: Area 51 – Thank God I didn’t Have to Leave The House To Watch This Heaping Pile

unnamed - 29MAY2015

Let’s admit that Area 51 is a place that has gotten a lot of movies made about it, despite the fact that it doesn’t exists. There, I said it. Suck it conspiracy theorists. It doesn’t exist. Deal with it. So I have to admit, I wasn’t exactly intrigued by the premise, but I gave it a shot anyway.

If only I had a time machine. Not so I could stop myself from seeing this movie, but so I could go back in time and stop Oren Peli from ever being born. That way, he would have never made Paranormal Activity, it would have never become a hit and he would have never been able to beat the premise to death.

But I don’t have a time machine so I did in fact, watch this shameless rehash.

The premise is this. Reid Warner is desperate to discover the secrets of Area 51. Because he’s apparently unaware that the internet exists and is unable to Google them, he heads on out to the Nevada desert. Of course, he gets some buddies to come along. We have Ben Rovner and Darrin Bragg, along with a completely unnecessary female character Jelena Nik, whose dad just happened to be a rogue scientist for Area 51. So off they go, into the desert, armed with nothing more than a bunch of night vision capable cameras.

Well, actually, they make a stop at Hooters first. Nope, not making this up. They stop there to test out their equipment and share all their innermost feelings with the cameras for absolutely no reason at all.

area51stillks003-620x400 - 29MAY2015

2015-05-23-area-51 - 29MAY2015

Then they go out to the desert and you eagerly await their preferably extremely violent deaths. Well, I imagine they were violent. I don’t really know, because this is all filmed in crappy found footage…in the dark.

It was like being forced to watch a marathon edition of Ghost Hunters. I hate Ghost Hunters. It’s one of the few times I actually want the ghosts to win.

Can I entirely blame Peli for trying to replicate his success with Paranormal Activity? Not entirely. His problem was that this sat on the shelf for five years. During that time, found footage was done to death, revived and done to death again. It’s just not scary anymore.

Found Footage is not a real filmmaking technique. It’s a fad and a silly one at that. It is the slap bracelet of the film world. It was good at first, but then it started to wear away and now all it does is cut your wrists…or make you want to.

This is a phoned in effort with terrible acting, scripting and storytelling. The majority of it is watching the guys try to get to Area 51. When they do, you’re plunged into darkness, watching them occasionally bump into things while allegedly scary things happen.

You don’t need to leave the house to watch this heaping pile. The filmmakers wisely decided to release it on Amazon Instant Video, probably hoping that people will accidentally purchase it. Because I have to say, I do not understand why anyone would watch this on purpose.

We Gave it: 1 Star: Official Movie Trailer and Movie Poster Below

1 star


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Movie Review: Hot Pursuit – Witherspoon and Vergara Are Wasted Star Power On a Flat Script

hot pursuit scared face - 25MAY2015

When I saw the previews for Hot Pursuit, I was really hoping for a buddy comedy along the lines of 21 Jump Street. Instead, what I got was a humorous take on the Madonna and the Whore, and I have to say, I was not laughing. In fact, I might have flipped off the screen more than once. I was not surprised to see this script was written by two men. What did surprise me was that those men weren’t 13-year-old boys.

We meet the Madonna, i.e. Cooper (Reese Witherspoon). She’s an uptight, innocent cop whose been working in the evidence room ever since she tasered someone for no good reason. In order to break out of the evidence room, Cooper gladly takes an assignment escorting the Whore, i.e. Daniela Riva (Sofia Vergara) to Dallas. Riva is the widow of a high ranking drug kingpin. Of course, because they’re girls, there’s no way they can make a simple road trip without everything going wrong and the two are soon fugitives fleeing the law.

Then, they can only use their feminine wiles to stay one step ahead of the bad guys coming to get them. These wiles include lots of menstruation jokes, girls making out, cat fights and a few granny panty scenes. I have to say, I was a bit surprised that there were no pillow fights or mud wrestling.

The characters in this film are one note jokes and people laughed at them, not with them. Cooper is chatty, twangy and irritating in a way I haven’t seen since Raising Arizona, but not in a good way. Vergara is a sexpot with a suitcase full of expensive shoes and a stereotypical Columbian temper.



The thing is it’s not impossible to do a female-centric comedy without resorting to stupid, tired stereotypes. Movies like Bridesmaids and The Heat pulled it off, so why not this one? This feels like a comedy written about women, for men. You get to look at a couple of bumbling girls, who’d rather drag a suitcase of shoes with them than live, and you get to laugh at them as you mutter “it’s so true. Bitches be trippin.”

The thing is both Witherspoon and Vergara are excellent comedic actresses. They’re genuinely funny women but this script was something less. They did what they could with it, but the situations they were put in didn’t allow them to step out of the boxes they were placed in. As a result, the huge amount of money they probably paid those two actresses went to complete waste.

Women can be funny without being stereotypes. The writers of this script don’t seem to get that. While there were a few laughs, including the trunk full of cocaine and the deer carcass scene, most of them were just bad.

I wouldn’t waste my money in the theater on this one. Despite some strong star power, the script falls flat because it’s weighed down with stereotypes. While it might be good for a guilty chuckle from the privacy of your home, it’s not worth the watch in the theater.

WE GAVE IT: 2.5 Stars

2.5 Stars


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Movie Review: Preggoland – An Uneven Movie With An Intriguing Premise

faf4195f-eee9-4c44-a693-969936905a10 - 25MAY2015

Preggoland is one part realism and one part outrageous exaggeration. The lines don’t always meet, but then they do, this limited release indie flick is well worth the watch.

Ruth is a thirty something supermarket cashier who has never managed to grow up. When she causes a drunken disturbance at a baby shower, her group of friends kick her out of the inner circle. That is, until they mistakenly believe that Ruth is pregnant. Then, she is welcomed back into the fold, to talk about trendy strollers and morning sickness. She considers confessing, but then meets a love interest who seems thrilled with the idea of bringing up Ruth’s imaginary unborn child. The more she lies, the more stuck she gets until it all culminates kind of like you’d expect.

The good points in this movie are Ruth’s character and the ‘baby mafia’ feel. It’s a club that only the trendiest mom’s can join, and the perpetual slacker Ruth just wants acceptance with her friends that have moved on to the next stage in their lives. I imagine it’s a way a lot of childless women feel when they hit their thirties without having a career, or a family or both.

The problems lay in the secondary characters, who were nothing more than a group of clichés. From the trendy soccer moms, to Danny Trejo’s Mexican cashier Pedro, the lack of character development for the secondary characters was poorly done at best, and complete stereotypical at worst. I really haven’t seen a character as bad as Pedro since Speedy Gonzalez. It’s like they crammed every Mexican stereotype into one guy, just for the purpose of getting a few cheap laughs.

bac6b234-e0fb-4abf-8da5-5153e47c6979 - 25MAY2015

579c8a98-00fc-4961-88cb-2ff3e79440e6 - 25MAY2015

The thing is, the storyline is realistic and intelligent. It’s an extremely well done portrayal of that left behind friend who never grew up. Even though what Ruth is doing is reprehensible, you can understand and even sympathize with why she’s doing it. The realism in that character was extremely well done.

Then, you get sucked right out of that realism with poorly done secondary characters who are supposed to act as antagonists, but really, just annoy. You really start to wonder why Ruth even wants to be friends with these people.

The love interest is a little strange too and the script could have gone without it, as that was the least realistic of all. I’ve never met a man who is interested in dating a pregnant women, whose baby is not his. I imagine when I do, he’ll be riding a unicorn…because they’re both imaginary. I felt like the love interest was a completely unnecessary addition to a script already overfilled with too many unbelievable characters.

In some parts, this film shines and in others, it completely falls flat. The scenes with Ruth will draw you in, while the people around her will shove you right back out. It’s an uneven movie with an intriguing premise. If you can tolerate the side characters, and ignore Danny Trejo entirely, it’s absolutely worth the watch.

WE GAVE IT : 3 STARS!  Watch the Official Trailer and See the Official Movie Poster below


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preggoland_ver2 - 25MAY2015

Movie Review: Mad Max Fury Road – A Complete Reimagining Of The Original And It Was Beautifully Done.

mad-max-fury-road-movie-43 - 20MAY2015

I need to be honest and admit I was never a fan of the Mad Max movies of the 80s. I actually thought they were pretty darn stupid. That was with the exception of Beyond Thunderdome, which in my opinion was the only one worth watching. So I was one of the few people who wasn’t exactly thrilled that they’d decided to continue on with the series.

To my surprise, I actually enjoyed this refueled version of Mad Max.

The story starts with Max being pursued by a bunch of crazy looking, bone wearing guzzaline addicted War Boys. They are let by the creepy leader Joe (Hugh Keyes-Byrne, who also played the villain in the original Mad Max). Of course, Max gets captured, and tortured. Then, an extremely bad ass Charlize Theron shows up a warrior Furiosa, steals Joe’s girlfriends and breaks Max out.

Both Hardy and Theron burn up the screen with their intensity. I’ve never really seen Theron as an action star, I mean, I have seen Aeon Flux, but in this movie, she shines as the torn, revenge driven leading lady. Hardy also adds something to the original Max, who was mainly known for being broody when played by Mel Gibson 30 years ago, but is so much more than that now.

The story has been revamped in a way that actually makes it worth watching. I always felt like I was watching a crappy movie filmed at a dump with the original Mad Max movies, but they flipped the script on me this time and really did some major world building. You no longer think you’re watching a bunch of acting school drop outs with bad hair argue about gas. Instead, it really captured the post-apocalyptic sense beautifully.

Mad Max Moive Stills - 20MAY2015

Mad Max fury road - 20MAY22015

The director does an amazing job, pulling away from even attempting to keep this PG-13 and instead going all in on violence and vehicular carnage. He is not afraid to go there with his filming and the action of the movie actually matches the intensity of the leads.

This is not a remake or even a reboot. It’s a complete reimagining of the original and it was beautifully done. While I’d usually only watch the movies when they were on late night cable, now I’m willing to watch them in the theater. That says something special about this film, because it’s really hard to get me off the couch.

Of course, this isn’t really one for the kids. It’s violent and rough to watch. That’s one thing that hasn’t changed from the original. The director seems to almost revel in carnage. It’s a spectacle of a film that does not rely on special effects or CGI. It’s fueled purely by good direction and excellent acting. In today’s theater filled with overblown superheroes and constant CGI, this was an amazing change of pace that kind of blew my mind.

I assumed I was going to hate this, but I really, really enjoyed this. It was extremely well done and way higher quality than the originals. Not only is this one worth the watch, but I’m awaiting the next installment eagerly.

four and a half stars

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Movie Review – Welcome To Me – Kristen Wiig Shines In This Clever, Well Written Movie With a Clever Unique Plot

Kristen-Wiig-Welcome-to-Me-Wallpapers - 19MAY2015

The summer movie season started off strong, despite the fact that only one big budget movie was released. That’s probably because this was the week where unique, compelling story lines and intelligent direction came together to create some truly enjoyable films. Welcome to Me is no exception.

I like to say “it’s all been done’ when it comes to movies. For the most part, it’s true. I can think of very few storylines that haven’t been done. Then, I saw Welcome to Me.

Alice Klieg (Kristin Wiig) is a mentally ill woman who is obsessed with Oprah. She hasn’t turned off her TV in 11 years, has very few friends and spends most of her nights surrounded by old VHS tapes of her favorite talk show diva. Then, she wins an $86 million lottery. After being interviewed on live TV and getting cut off, Alice decides she hasn’t gotten enough time in the limelight. So she uses her money to start her own talk show on a cash strapped infomercial channel. There, she starts Welcome To Me, goes off her meds, and creates the weirdest show that ever existed.

Kristen Wiig has some great, awkward charm and she’s a natural as a comedic actress. That’s why it is great to see her as a leading woman for a change. She plays the part of the mentally ill, off her meds, socially awkward Alice with heartbreaking realism. It’s an unusual movie about an unusual person, and Wiig was the ideal choice for the leading lady.

Welcome to Me - 19MAY2015

la-et-mn-toronto-2014-the-crazy-sane-with-kris-001 - 19may2015

Another thing I like was this is a movie about mental illness that doesn’t attempt to ‘solve’ mental illness. It’s a unique take, in that Alice isn’t trying to get around her disorder. She’s actually using it to her advantage to make her show just as strange as her. I like the fact that they didn’t turn it into a cautionary tale about a woman going crazy. The writing is done in a way that doesn’t make us laugh at Alice, but with her.

Wiig is actually so good in this; she carries the show by herself. While there are a few notable stars, (Tim Robbins as her therapist, for example) Wiig is the one your eyes stay on. While she makes questionable decisions, and is a bit of an oddball, she’s endearing and loveable regardless of what she’s doing.

Sometimes, the awkwardness gets to be too much, like with Wiig’s inability to say the word “carbohydrates” or her segment where she neuters dogs on air, but for the most part, it’s all awkward/funny, not awkward/awkward.

I found many of the subplots were unnecessary and could have been left out entirely. Wiig is entertaining enough on her own to carry this unusual plot. It’ which makes it a pleasure to watch…if you get the chance to see it.

This one doesn’t have a high distribution, so if you live in a major city and get the chance to watch it, I’d give it a shot.

WE GAVE IT: 4 Stars – Watch the Official Trailer and Official Movie Poster below!

4 stars


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