Adam Sandler And Lakeith Stanfield Set To Star In A24 Crime-Dramedy ‘Uncut Gems’

Every few years, Adam Sandler will surprise us by starring in a movie that’s actually really good, the last one being The Meyerowitz Stories back in 2017.

And now it looks like he’s ready to surprise us once again with the upcoming crime-dramedy Uncut Gems. The movie hasn’t even started filming yet, so why are we so sure it’s going to be a hit? Well, because A24 is attached and the Safdie Brothers wrote the script. They are the filmmakers behind the incredible 2017 film, Good Time.

So yeah, it looks like this movie has solid bones. In addition to Sandler, we are hearingAtlanta‘ star Lakeith Stanfield will co-star.

“Set in the Diamond district of New York City, Sandler will star as a jewelry store owner with a gambling addiction who is juggling two relationships and escalating debts. Stanfield will play a key ally to a famous client of the jewelry store. As we previously revealed, Eric Bogosian and Judd Hirsch are also set to star in the film, which is likely to shoot later this year. Casting is ongoing.”

I’m sold! I’ll be following the updates closely. Check back soon!

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