Adam Sandler And Jennifer Aniston Nearing Deal To Return For ‘Murder Mystery 2’

Netflix and Adam Sandler had a pretty big hit on their hands with the comedy film ‘Murder Mystery

Even though critics were mixed on it, the general audience loved it. Back in June of 2019, Netflix reported that 30.9 million households watched the film in the first 72 hours, the biggest opening weekend for a film in the company’s history at the time.

And with that success comes sequels. It was reported this week that Jeremey Garelick has signed on to direct the sequel. The script for this sequel was once again written by James Vanderbilt, but it’s being reported that Garelick will do a polish on it.

A deal has not been closed to bring back Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston for this sequel, although sources say it’s close and everyone expects they will return.

Sandler played a cop and Aniston his wife in the original film, in which they went on vacation and got framed for the murder of an elderly rich guy.

We don’t know much about this sequel, but according to the reports, it’s set to film in Paris and the Caribbean, which will be hard for Sandler to pass up. We all know how much he loves a good destination shoot.

Netflix is fast-tracking this sequel, so it’s possible we could see a release date as early as summer 2022.

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