‘Zootopia’ Sets An Impressive Box Office Record For Disney: You NEED To Watch This Movie!

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We knew this was coming when we posted the second trailer for Zootopia back in December. You could just tell the film was going to be a huge hit from the success of the trailers. That might sound like a silly thing to say since a great trailer doesn’t automatically mean a great film, but just relive the hilarious sloth trailer released by the Zootopia team above and you’ll see what we are talking about.

The film was released this past weekend and it was a record-breaking opening weekend for Disney. It brought in $73.7 million, making it the best debut ever for a Disney Animation movie.

Yes, that’s correct. It beat Frozen’s wide release opening weekend of $67.4 million back in 2013. Obviously, some people are shocked by Zootopia’s success, but it’s honestly not that surprising when you look at the details.

It’s currently the best-reviewed film of the year. It has an incredible 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. 135 fresh reviews to just two rotten reviews. And the release date certainly didn’t hurt. Spring Break is beginning around the country, the awards season is over, and studios are ready to release their blockbusters again.

Zootopia just scored the first touchdown of the 2016 season. If you haven’t watched it yet, cancel your plans tonight and treat your family to a Monday movie night.




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