Your First Look At Michael Fassbender As Steve Jobs In Upcoming Biopic

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It look a long time, but director Danny Boyle finally found his Steve Jobs. As most of you know, both Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale were “in” at one point, but deals between the actors never worked out.

This opened the door for Michael Fassbender. He signed on for the lead role earlier this year, and now production on the film written by Aaron Sorkin has started in California. And even though filming is currently taking place, we haven’t seen any official stills released.

But this promo poster being used on the San Francisco set of the movie gives us our first clear look at Fassbender as Jobs.


A photo posted by @seannung on

A fan snapped the photo and posted it on Instagram. It’s a replication of a promotional advertisement for NeXT, the computer company Jobs started after he was removed from Apple in 1985.

Many fans are already pointing out that Fassbender looks nothing like the character he is playing. Some even suggest blending Ashton Kutcher’s face with Fassbender’s acting abilities. Personally, I don’t think he looks too absurd. It’s not something that would ruin the movie for me.

I mean, the look of the character isn’t everything. We saw a great example of that with Ashton Kutcher’s Jobs biopic. He looked exactly like Steve Jobs, but the movie was terrible.

I’m not expecting this latest film to win any awards, but I do believe it will be better than the 2013 film. You can catch it in a theater near you October 9, 2015.




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