Yes, It’s True: Fifty Shades Of Grey Will Feature 20 Minutes Worth Of Sex

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We knew Fifty Shades Of Grey would be the raunchiest film of the year, but we didn’t expect steamy sex scenes to fill one-fifth of the movie.

According to the Sunday Times, there will be approximately 20 minutes of sex packed inside the 100-minute film. Sure, this is a film adaptation of an erotic romance novel, but that’s still an incredible amount of sex to squeeze inside one Hollywood movie.

And while you may see a lot of people spanking this film online, there is no denying the amount of buzz surrounding Fifty Shades. After all, the first trailer is now believed to be the most watched trailer in movie history.

Does that guarantee success at the box office? Yes, yes, yes, oh, oh, oh…gooooooood yessss! Fandango is reporting that Fifty Shades Of Grey is now the fastest selling R-rated film since their website was created 15 years ago. And movie theaters around the country have been forced to add more show-times and dates for the movie.

Sadly, this freaking film is going to be huge. We just have to bend over and accept it, because Christian Grey doesn’t care about the tears rolling down our cheeks. Romanticizing abusive relationships is just so fetch right now.

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