The World Still Has Good People In It: Strangers Donate Hundreds Of Movies To Man With Down Syndrome After A Fire Destroyed His Movie Collection

Would you like an uplifting story to get you through the rest of this work week? Well, we have the perfect story for you. A 34-year-old man with Down syndrome by the name of Mark Orsillo suffered a great loss last weekend. His childhood home was completely destroyed, thanks to a raging wildfire in California.

His family lost everything, including Mark’s movie collection. His sister, Danielle Devine, tried to save some of his DVDs as they were being rushed out of the home, but she only managed to grab about 20 DVDs out of his collection of at least 300.

“He has all the movies from the ’90s. He’s been collecting them for years. That’s Mark’s life. He’s a movie guy,” she told CBS News. After she broke the bad news to Mark, he was obviously upset: “He was really struggling. He’s usually so happy all the time. I felt bad I didn’t grab more.”

So, what did she do? She went on Facebook and asked friends and family if they might consider donating a few movies to rebuild his collection. In just a few hours, the post went viral and was shared over 1,000 times.

24 hours later, Devine received over 400 videos addressed to her brother. And not only that, but someone also set up a You Caring page for the family. $10,000 has already been raised to help them rebuild.

“He’s probably going to have more movies than he had before. My parents are not going to be able to build a house for 6 to 7 months. They’re rebuilding on that same lot. After all, it’s Mark’s forever home.” 

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