‘Wonder Woman 2’ Gets New Release Date, Find Out When Gal Gadot Will Return To The Big Screen

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Last week, there were reports claiming Gal Gadot wouldn’t sign for a ‘Wonder Woman’ sequel unless Brett Ratner’s name was removed from the franchise. It looks like those reports were false, mostly because Gadot has already signed a deal for the sequel. She is locked in at this point.

And to prove this, Warner Bros. announced the new (official) release date for Wonder Woman 2. The new date is November 1, 2019, which is a month and half earlier than originally announced.

November 2019 promises to be a pretty huge month at the box office. MGM’s next James Bond film is scheduled to be released one week after Wonder Woman 2 on November 8. You also have an untitled fox/marvel film being released on November 22. Oh, and then there is Frozen 2 on November 27.

The first Wonder Woman film was released back in June of this year, and it’s made a total of $821 million worldwide, $412 million of that coming from the US.

We will keep you posted on this Wonder Woman sequel as more information is released!

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