‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Releases First Trailer, And It Already Has Over 7 Million Views

Published On December 9, 2019 » 193 Views» By Z-rowe »

Everyone was waiting for the first ‘Wonder Woman 1984‘ trailer to arrive, and now that it’s here, well, everyone is watching it…probably multiple times.

The trailer dropped on Sunday, and just 24 hours later, it already has over 7 million views. It’s #1 on trending on YouTube.

In the trailer, set in the 1980s, Gadot is once again at the center of the action, dodging bullets, crushing guns with her bare firsts, and, of course, saving lives.

During San Diego Comic-Con in July 2018, Gadot said the movie wasn’t a sequel, but its ‘own story.’

As most of you probably know, the first ‘Wonder Woman’ film was released back in 2017 and grossed over $800 million worldwide. It’s widely considered to be one of the best superhero films of all time.

Will they be able to find similar success with this upcoming movie? Well, they’re off to a good start. Everyone is raving about the trailer.

Check it out below. Wonder Woman 1984 will hit theaters June 5, 2020.




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