‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Pushed Back, But Only By A Few Months!

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Wonder Woman 1984‘ was set to hit theaters on June 5, 2020, and everyone has been wondering if that release was still going to happen, thanks to the coronavirus.

While June is still a few months away, most experts believe it will be July or August before things get back to normal, or a “new” normal.

And it looks like Warner Bros. is listening to the experts. They just announced that the new release date for Wonder Woman 1984 will be August 14, 2020, which is only a slight delay. I mean, Fast & Furious pushed their latest installment back a full year.

Of course, pushing Wonder Woman back to August will have an impact on the studio’s queue.

The studio also indefinitely pulled ‘In the Heights’ — an adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical that was due out June 26 — as well as ‘Scoob’ — an animated film based on ‘Scooby-Doo’ characters set for May 15. ‘Malignant,’ a thriller from ‘Aquaman’ director James Wan, was originally scheduled to open on Aug. 14, but was bumped for ‘Wonder Woman 1984.’ Those three movies remain undated for now..

So there you see, a smaller movie (Malignant) has already had its release date pushed back, to make room for a bigger franchise.

And that’s the difficult decision other studios are going to have to make. They need to make money. Big blockbusters will bring in more money, so some smaller films might have to “take one for the team” so to speak.

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