Will Smith To Produce Film About Michael Jordan’s Brief Career As A Baseball Player

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If you are a movie nerd, or an aspiring screenwriter, you’ve probably heard about the annual Black List, the list of best unproduced screenplays going around Hollywood. The 2017 list was just released, and one of the scripts on the list was The Prospect, written by Ben Epstein.

The script is about Michael Jordan’s brief time as a baseball player. In 1994, Jordan joined the Chicago White Sox’s minor league team to clear his head and fulfill a promise to his father, who was killed in a violent carjacking in 1993.

This script was picked up recently and Will Smith is reportedly going to produce the project. It’s unlikely he stars in the film, though, considering he’s pushing 50 and Jordan was just 31-years-old in 1994.

Not much else is known about this project. It’s still incredibly early in the movie making process, but with Smith attached as a producer, it’s likely this thing gets made. I’m a huge baseball nerd, so I’m looking forward to watching this movie.

Now the question is: who will play Michael Jordan? And I think the obvious answer is Michael B. Jordan. I mean…he already has the name, he’s the right age, he’s a wonderful actor…WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED? SIGN HIM UP!




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