What Are The Critics Saying About Marvel’s Ant-Man? Check Out The Early Reactions Inside!

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At this point, any film Marvel Studios puts out is expected to be a huge hit. Every single time they step in the batter’s box, they hit a grand slam. Iron Man, Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers, and the list just goes on.

But the upcoming Ant-Man film has some Marvel fans worried. They haven’t been impressed by the trailers, and there are those out there who believe this could be a rare swing and a miss for the studio. However, like we said, this reaction is mainly due to the lackluster trailers. No one had seen the full movie yet.

That all changed Thursday night during the first press screenings. A handful of critics were able to check out the film three weeks before its July 17 release. And surprisingly, the reaction has been mostly positive.

Let’s start off with the positive tweets coming in…

Ed Douglas of ComingSoon


Drew McWeeny of HitFix


Erik Davis of Fandango



There were a few critics who didn’t enjoy the film, but even they admit it’s not the disaster some people expected…

Steve Weintraub of Collider


Mike Sampson of ScreenCrush



So what does this tell us? Absolutely nothing. We are sorry for wasting your time. Please resume “pretend working” before your boss comes back.

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