Watch: YouTuber Sneaks Into ‘Spectre’ World Premiere With Photoshopped Ticket

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Before you watch the lovely video below, we want to make it clear that we’re not 100% convinced it’s the real deal. It could be clever marketing for the film, or even a little promotion for Uber.

The dude you see in the video below is a part-time DJ named James Ware. He calls himself a “Rockstar Living on a Budget,” and he certainly lived up to that title the other night during the world premiere of the latest James Bond film, Spectre.

According to Ware, he searched Instagram for people posting photos of their ticket to the huge event. He eventually found one and used Photoshop to create a duplicate. He then put on a tuxedo and the world’s most obnoxious sunglasses to complete the ruse.

Watch the entertaining video below to see what happens…



What do you think? Was it real? It’s possible he actually had a real ticket and simply acted as if he didn’t to make a viral video. It’s also possible he was contacted by the Spectre marketing team, or maybe he really is telling the truth.

For you folks in the states, Spectre will be released November 6. We suggest buying an actual ticket.

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