Watch the Trailer: Will Smith’s ‘Focus’ looks Smart and Edgy, and also stars super Hot Margot Robbie!

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Will Smith aka Mr. 4th of July hasn’t smashed the box office in a long time. Although I’m a huge fan of his, he hasn’t had his good stuff since 2008’s under-rated ‘Seven Pounds’. Although he would never say it, Smith has a lot riding on ‘Focus’. Does he have the career longevity of Denzel or is he just another rapper turned actor?

‘Focus’ will be Smith’s first R-rated effort since ‘Bad Boys II’. The movie is directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, the duo who did ‘Crazy, Stupid Love’, but more importantly they also wrote the classic ‘Bad Santa’.

We also see the ridiculously beautiful Margot Robbie, who we probably saw last in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. Smith plays a con man by the name of Nicky Spurgeon. He takes Robbie’s character under his wing and doing so falls for her all while trying to pull off the biggest con of his career. If the trailer is any indication and if the studio handles promotions correctly, Will Smith will be Back. However we won’t have to wait until July. ‘Focus’ is set to release on February 27, 2015.

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