Watch Tony Robbins Take Advantage Of Thousands Of Vulnerable People In The Trailer For His New Netflix Documentary

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Tony Robbins is getting his own Netflix documentary, which means more people will fall for his happy juice and give him more money. It’s a great life for Tony. Honestly, it’s difficult to hate on the guy. He truly does work incredibly hard at making sure damaged individuals feel loved and inspired. You know, as long as you buy one of his books or pay between $1,000 to $2,000 to attend one of his events.

And with over 5,000 people attending each event, that’s a lot of money being made. That’s not even counting all the crap he tries to force down your throat while you are there. After paying $2,000 for a ticket, he also wants you to buy his audio books, more tickets to upcoming events, and his ridiculously overpriced personal coaching sessions.

You know the line,“Mo’ money, mo’ problems,” that’s 100% true for Tony, except all the problems belong to you. The more problems you have, the more money he makes.

But don’t listen to me. I am an idiot. Seriously. I’m still going to watch the freaking documentary when it’s launched globally on Netflix July 15. The trailer below makes it look pretty entertaining, and I’ll never pass up the opportunity to watch a stadium full of people get scammed by a charismatic businessman. One of the main reasons I’d like to attend a Donald Trump rally.

Check out the trailer below. I don’t know about you, but I am feeling all kindz of motivated today. I might even take a shower.


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