Watch Tiffany Haddish And Ike Barinholtz Star In Trailer For Political Comedy ‘The Oath’

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Have you been craving more Tiffany Haddish? Well, we got some good news for you. The comedian/actress will star in the upcoming movie, The Oath.

The political comedy was written/directed by Ike Barinholtz. He also stars in the movie as Haddish’s husband, Chris.

“The film takes place in the aftermath of the White House asking Americans to sign a loyalty oath to the President, with the deadline being the day after Thanksgiving. Naturally, Thanksgiving dinners across the country are sure to be pretty divisive (to say the least) over the issue.”

It’s a pretty brilliant idea. There is already so much drama between families on Thanksgiving, so to add this loyalty oath is genius. I’m pretty sure if something like this ever happened, I’d be staying home and eating a Hot Pocket by myself.

The Oath is scheduled to hit theaters October 12, 2018. Check out the trailer below…

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