Watch The New Trailer For Netflix’s Romantic Comedy ‘Love Wedding Repeat’

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the trailers for upcoming movies have kinda dried up. In fact, everything is drying up. My hands are dry as hell from washing them so much. I was a bit of a hand washing freak before this mess, but now it’s doubled, and it’s not good.

Anyway, point is, we haven’t had a lot of trailers to share lately, but thankfully Netflix was kind enough to release one today.

They dropped the teaser trailer for an upcoming romantic comedy film titled, Love Wedding Repeat.

The basic plot is that Jack (Sam Claflin) is trying to protect his sister’s wedding day, but the twist in the film is that the plot moves through alternate versions of the same day where different things happen creating different outcomes.

It’s not a film that’s going to win any awards, but it’s definitely going to be cute enough to watch with your girl while in quarantine.

The movie hits Netflix in just nine days, so look out for it in your stream come April 10.

Check out the trailer below…

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