Watch The New Trailer For ‘Detective Pikachu’ Starring Ryan Reynolds

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Get out your magnifying glass and long jacket, ’cause there are some mysteries that need solving. Ryan Reynolds stars in the upcoming live action/animated hybrid ‘Detective Pikachu‘ film.

Rob Letterman is the director behind this project, which has already been approved for a sequel.

Chasing clues together through the neon-lit streets of Ryme City — a sprawling, modern metropolis where humans and Pokémon live side by side in a hyper-realistic live-action world — Pikachu and [a young man (Smith) investigating the disappearance of his father] encounter a diverse cast of Pokémon characters and uncover a shocking plot that could destroy this peaceful co-existence and threaten the whole Pokémon universe.

As mentioned above, Warner Bros. has already announced a sequel to this film, which means they have lots of faith in it. They’re expecting a huge box office performance.

Detective Pikachu is set to hit theaters May 10, 2019. Check out the trailer below…

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