Watch The First Trailer For ‘The Gentlemen’ Starring Matthew McConaughey

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Guy Ritchie is returning to the land of crime in the upcoming crime thriller, The Gentlemen.

The talented filmmaker took a brief break from his ~roots~ to direct the recent ‘Aladdin‘ film, but now he’s returning to form, and he’s bringing a talented cast with him.

Matthew McConaughey stars in the movie as Mickey Pearson, an American who has built a marijuana empire in London and is looking to retire.

The news that Pearson wants to cash out sparks a series of schemes and infighting among those around him as they seek to take what he has built. 

In addition to McConaughey, this film also stars Charlie Hunnam, Hugh Grant and Henry Golding.

The Gentlemen will hit theaters January 24, 2020, which is a questionable release date, but the trailer looks decent…so who knows?

Check it out below…




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