Watch The First Trailer For ‘The Dead Don’t Die’ Starring Bill Murray And Adam Driver

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Did you watch the 2016 indie drama Paterson with Adam Driver? The film was a weird mess, but it was a lovely one. It received outstanding reviews from critics and showed off Driver’s incredible acting skills. The director of the film, Jim Jarmusch, is returning with another indie movie in 2019.

And just like Paterson, this film stars Adam Driver. But that’s where the similarities end, ’cause this movie, The Dead Don’t Die, is about local cops trying to fight off a zombie invasion.

In addition to Driver, this movie also stars Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton and Selena Gomez.

Driver and Murray star as local cops who must spring into action when a zombie outbreak begins affecting the town’s citizens. Jarmusch shot the movie in upstate New York, and Murray has gone on record saying the director has written a zombie script that’s so hilarious.

We believe Murray. Jarmusch is a wonderful filmmaker and with an impressive cast supporting him, I’m sure the finished project is filled with lots of laughs.

Check out the trailer below. It’s scheduled to hit theaters June 14, 2019.

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