Watch The First Trailer For Psychological Thriller ‘John and the Hole’

A coming-of-age psychological thriller? Uh, yes please. Filmmaker Pascual Sisto and writer Nicolas Giacobone have teamed up to combine two of my favorite genres into one film.

The first trailer for ‘John and the Hole‘ was released this week. The movie is Sisto’s feature debut as a director. It was selected for last year’s Cannes Film Festival and then premiered at the virtual Sundance Film Festival in January before being purchased by IFC Films.

In John and the Hole, John (Charlie Shotwell), is a 13-year-old seemingly without affect. He walks through his life of privilege as if in a trance — until one day, he discovers a bunker on the property of his family’s house. The existence of this bunker awakens something in John, and he drugs his father (Michael C. Hall), mother (Jennifer Ehle) and sister (Taissa Farmiga), and drops them down the hole without explanation.

That’s certainly different, yeah? It’s a unique premise. Of course, a great premise doesn’t always translate to a great film.

There’s been a few reviews released and the film has mixed-to-positive reviews, with perhaps the most positive review coming from top critic Peter Debruge.

It’s calculated and precise and meticulously constructed in a way that will be of considerable interest to audiences who appreciate stories that unsettle, and those who recognize the precision of Sisto’s approach.

It’ll hit select theaters and be available on demand on August 6, 2021. Check out the trailer below…

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