Watch The First Trailer For Christopher Nolan’s Upcoming Film ‘Tenet’

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Everyone has been patiently waiting for more information on Christopher Nolan’s 11th film. The 49-year-old filmmaker has an impressive resume that includes movies like Inception, The Dark Knight and Interstellar.

Nolan is hoping his next film ‘Tenet’ will have similar success. Details on this movie have been hard to come by, but thanks to the recent trailer release, we know a little more information.

It seems like John David Washington’s character is trying to prevent a third World War, but it’s unclear what that entails. Like other Nolan projects, an element of time travel will be included in order for Washington to achieve his goal.

Nolan loves his time travel. In addition to Washington, this movie will also star Robert Pattinson, Michael Caine, Elizabeth Debicki and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

The film is expected to hit theaters July 17th, 2020. Check out the first trailer below…




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