Watch The First Trailer For B.J. Novak’s Comedy-Thriller ‘Vengeance’

The Office‘ star B.J. Novak is set to make his directorial debut in the upcoming comedy-thriller, Vengeance.

He will also star in the movie alongside Issa Rae, Ashton Kutcher and Dove Cameron. In the flick, Novak is a successful, but conceited radio host from New York who flies to West Texas for the funeral of a girl he hooked up with a few times.

While in town, Ben is taken under the wing of Abilene’s brother Ty (Boyd Holbrock), who reveals to him that he believes Abilene was murdered, rather than dying from an opioid overdose. Although Ben doesn’t believe Ty’s theory, he agrees to help investigate the death and produce a podcast about their findings. 

Certainly sounds like an interesting premise, and we all know Novak is a smart and talented dude, so this should be a pretty entertaining movie.

In addition directing and starring, Novak also wrote the screenplay. So his hands are all over this. It’s very much his baby.

Vengeance will be released on July 29, 2022 following a festival premiere in June at Tribeca.

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