Watch The First Trailer For Andy Samberg Comedy ‘Palm Springs’

Earlier this year we told you that Andy Samberg’s upcoming comedy ‘Palm Springs‘ scored a record deal at the Sundance Film Festival. Neon/Hulu purchased the movie for over $17 million, making it one of the biggest deals in Sundance history.

The movie, which also stars Cristin Milioti, was scheduled to premiere inside theaters this summer, but instead it’ll be released on Hulu directly on July 10, thanks to the ongoing pandemic.

At first glance, this movie seems a lot like Groundhog Day, but according to some of the reviews from critics, this movie is taking a slightly different approach. We won’t give anything away though.

Hulu released the first trailer this week, so you can watch it below. It certainly doesn’t look something that would bring in such a massive deal at Sundance, but hey…maybe the trailer is holding back on us.

Check it out below…

Andy Samberg plays a character named Nyles who is stuck in a time loop in Palm Springs where he relives the day of his girlfriend’s best friend’s wedding. He meets the bride’s sister, Sarah (Cristin Milioti), at the wedding.and after a night of fun with her she ends up following him into a strange cave that causes the time loop and she gets stuck in the time loop with Nyles.

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