Watch Teaser Trailer For Christian Film Satire ‘Faith Based’ Starring Jason Alexander

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Do you like making fun of those incredibly cheesy Christian films? You know, the ones where some poor sinner has something terrible happen to them, and the only way they can turn their life back around is to find God?

Well, if you enjoy loling at them, you’ll probably be interested in the upcoming satire, Faith Based.

The movie stars Luke Barnett, Tanner Thomason, Jason Alexander and Lance Reddick.

Based around two friends (Barnett and Thomason, both Funny or Die regulars) who set out to make a film to capitalize on the lucrative Christian movie industry, Faith Based has managed to stir up some sizable anger from conservative news channels, where it has been labeled as ‘Christian Bashing.’

Producers claim that articles on Breitbart and Fox News have garnered some 10,000 comments, which often cite negative comments about Jews or Muslims. 

The movie is set to premiere January 18 at the Santa Barbara Film Festival.

Check out the teaser trailer below…




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