Watch Taron Egerton Star As Elton John In First Teaser Trailer For Fantasy Biopic ‘Rocketman’

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Paramount Pictures is trying to make your Monday morning a little brighter. The studio released the first trailer for the musical/fantasy biopic, Rocketman.

Taron Egerton stars as a young Elton John, and as you can see from the trailer, this movie is more fantasy than true to life biopic. And that’s interesting because most people are going away from the standard biopic release now. Maybe studios have finally got the message that 99% of the time, they’re super boring.

Expect a dramatized retelling of his life and career from his time at the Royal Academy of Music through his rise to fame, struggles with drug addiction, and his partnership with Bernie Taupin.”

In addition to Egerton, this movie will also star Bryce Dallas Howard, Richard Madden, Jamie Bell and Gemma Jones.

It’s expected to hit theaters May 31, 2019. Check out the trailer below…




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