Watch Robin Williams In The Final Trailer For ‘Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb’


It’s the final trailer for the final ‘Night At The Museum’ film, featuring Robin Williams as Theodore Roosevelt in one of his final movies. I don’t know about you, but that’s one too many “finals” for me. I think we would all be elated if we could erase the last final mentioned.

MovieClips Trailers was the first to release the trailer you see down below. As we mentioned, Secret of the Tomb, is the third and final film in the series. In addition to Williams reprising his role as the hilarious animated statue of Teddy Roosevelt. Ben Stiller will also be back in the lead role as Larry Daley and Owen Wilson will return as Jedediah.

And new cast member, Rebel Wilson, will be playing a guard at The British Museum. Seemingly replacing Jonah Hill’s character in the Battle of the Smithsonian.

Check out the trailer down below and be sure to watch it in theaters December 19, 2014.

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