Watch Jennifer Lopez Work Her Butt Off To Perfect Pole Dancing For Upcoming ‘Hustlers’ Film

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You can say what you want about Jennifer Lopez’s acting skills, but you can’t say she doesn’t work her a** off to be the best version of herself she can be.

As most of you know, Lopez is starring in the upcoming ‘Hustlers‘ film, which follows a group of strip club employees who band together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients.

In the movie, Lopez plays a veteran stripper, which means she needed to learn how to work a pole before filming began.

And thanks to this behind-the-scenes clip, we know the process was a grueling one. For three months, Lopez worked with a trainer daily to improve her skills on the pole.

For starters, the mother-of-two had to gain enough strength to hang on the pole for minutes at a time. There’s also the matter of sliding down a pole, which, unsurprisingly, hurts quite a bit. In one clip, the actress shows the cameras the numerous bruises scattered up and down the inner part of her legs. 

It’s pretty insane to see just how much she improves throughout the video. Yeah, she has years of dancing experience, but trying to do all that while hanging off a pole is a different beast.

Check out the clip below…

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