Watch Jennifer Lopez Star In The First Trailer For ‘Hustlers’

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The wait is over. Jennifer Lopez dropped the first trailer for her upcoming ‘Hustlers‘ film at midnight on Wednesday.

And if this trailer is any indication (obvs it is) it looks like Constance Wu is going to be the lead in this movie.

In the clip, Wu’s character says, “I just want to take care of my grandma. Maybe go shopping every once in awhile.”

This trailer also features a clip of Lopez showing Wu how to properly work a pole, ’cause you know, that’s important information for a stripper to know.

Some fans are upset that Cardi B isn’t featured in the trailer, and well, they’re going to be super upset when they find out that Cardi will most likely only be in the film for a few minutes total. She only shot for one day, so it’s more like a cameo than anything else.

In addition to Cardi, Wu and Lopez, this movie also stars Keke Palmer and Lili Reinhart. It’s scheduled to hit theaters September 13, 2019. So yeah, things are moving quickly.

Check out the trailer below…




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