Watch Dylan O’Brien In First Trailer For ‘Love and Monsters’

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The first trailer for ‘Love and Monsters‘ was released this week, and you might be thinking, “Wait, was this film originally titled something else?”

Yes! Yes, it was. Paramount originally titled the movie ‘Monster Problems‘ and it was set to be released back in March, but due to the pandemic, it was pushed back.

It was then supposed to be released inside theaters in 2021, but now Paramount is changing it all up. The movie changed titles and got a brand new release date/strategy.

It will now be released on VOD on October 16, 2020, just in time for Halloween.

Love and Monsters is a sci-fi, adventure comedy starring O’Brien as a kid living underground since the Monsterpocalypse destroyed much of humanity, and when he learns that his high school girlfriend (Jessica Henwick) is alive at a colony more than 80 miles away, he decides to brave the unknown and reunite with her. Along the way he manages to hide him and a dog from a giant gaping mouth of a monster and explode another with a grenade. That is, if he can trust his instincts.

It certainly sounds entertaining, but the fact that Paramount is now just kinda throwing it on demand is not exactly inspiring. But perhaps they feel like it’ll have better results via the streaming route, considering it would likely attract a younger audience anyway.

As mentioned above, it’ll be released on October 16. Check out the trailer below…

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