Watch Clint Eastwood In The Coke-Filled Trailer For ‘The Mule’

Clint Eastwood is directing himself in the upcoming crime/drug film, The Mule. In the movie, the 88-year-old filmmaker/actor plays Earl Stone, a lonely man who signs up for a simple driving gig.

But of course, the drive is not so simple after all. Turns out, he’s tricked into being a drug mule for a Mexican drug cartel.

“He’s very good at the job. Earl feels guilty about the way he’s treated his family though, and he’s newly taking stock of his life’s mistakes. Meanwhile, on his case is DEA agent Colin Banks.”

Colin Banks is played by Bradley Cooper. As some of you may remember, Eastwood directed Cooper in the award-winning film American Sniper.

It’s a bit surprising this film is being released this year. Most people thought it wouldn’t be ready until next year, but apparently they want to make the awards season deadline.

I must admit, this trailer is pretty great. I’m looking forward to this flick. It’ll hit theaters December 14, 2018.

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