Watch Anthony Mackie Star In First Trailer For Netflix Sci-Fi Original Movie ‘IO’

Netflix waited until the very last minute to drop the first trailer for ‘IO,’ a post-apocalyptic film starring Anthony Mackie and Margaret Qualley.

The movie, which sounds similar to Passengers, has Qualley playing the role of a young scientist “dedicated to finding a way for humans to adapt and survive on a poisoned Earth, which most people have abandoned for a colony on one of Jupiter’s moons.”

But when she discovers another survivor (played by Mackie) her plans change a bit. This movie was shot back in 2016 and was scheduled to be released in 2017. No word on why it was delayed over a year, but it could have been to put some distance between it and Passengers, or maybe they needed to work some magic in the editing room after poor test screenings.

That’s just speculation though. IO will be released on Netflix January 18th, which means you have a little over a week to wait.

Check out the trailer below…

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