Warner Bros. Hit With $900 Million Lawsuit Over ‘The Conjuring’ Franchise

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Damn. This is not good. A writer by the name of Gerald Brittle, who published a 1980 book on the paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, claims that he had an exclusive deal with Lorraine and producers working with Warner Bros. “substantially lifted” his work.

He claims all three films in the franchise (The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2, and Annabelle) infringe on his exclusive rights to create derivative works based on the cases presented by the Warrens’.

In a 1978 agreement for his book, the couple reportedly agreed to a no “competing work” provision that has not yet expired.

Attorney Patrick C. Henry II explains…

“[W]hen Lorraine Warren granted the Defendants the right to use the Warren Case Files, which the Defendants themselves repeatedly state their movies are based on, she could not have done so because she had years earlier contractually granted that exclusive right to use those same Warren cases, Warren Case Files and related materials to the Plaintiff.

It is very hard to believe that a large conglomerate such as Warner Brothers, with their army of lawyers and who specializes in intellectual property rights deals, would not have found The Demonologist book or the deals related to it, or Brittle for that matter.”

Brittle is seeking $900 million, and he’s trying to stop the release of Annabelle 2. If he wins, he’ll also shut down all production on any other future films connected to the Warrens.

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