Wait, What? A Former Member Of The ‘Jonas Brothers’ Is In Talks To Join Jumanji Remake

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We know Dwayne Johnson (and most likely Kevin Hart and Jack Black) will star in the upcoming remake of Jumanji. None of those names really surprise you. If you were creating your own Jumanji remake in your head, you’d probably have at least one of those actors in the film.

But would the name Nick Jonas even cross you mind? Probably not. According to multiple reports, the 23-year-old singer/actor is in talks to join the Jumanji cast. We know Nick can act from his surprising role in the MMA drama Kingdom, so we’re certainly not trying to suggest he’s not a good actor. It’s just a little hard to see where he might fit in with a cast that already includes Hart, Black and Johnson.

Obviously details are limited at the moment. The report doesn’t offer any hints at how big his role might be, and we must remember the deal hasn’t been locked down yet. The main thing holding it up right now is Nick’s busy schedule. If Nick is serious about building his acting career, then this opportunity doesn’t sound like something he can afford to skip.

Even if this remake is dog poop compared to the original film, it’s still going to be successful at the box office. As we are continuously being reminded, Hollywood is not making these remakes for the original fans. It’s all about building a new franchise for a younger audience.

The film is scheduled to hit theaters July 28, 2017. More details will be coming soon. We’ll keep you posted.

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