Veronica Mars Fans Treated with a 2 Minute Movie Preview

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Before the Veronica Mars movie even started production it made a buzz on the internet by having one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever.   The producer of the TV series, Rob Thomas launched the campaign which became the fastest project to reach the $1 million dollar mark, the fastest to reach the $2 million dollar mark, the highest earning project in the FILM category, the third highest funded project ever and the project with the most backers  ever ending with 91,585 total film supporters.  You better believe each of those people will be buying a ticket to see the movie they helped produce.

On Friday the first two minutes of the film were released online.  It basically closes the gap between the series and the movie by providing those who are new to Veronica Mars some background and history so that everyone is on the same page before the film gets moving.

You will hear her at the end of the clip say, “People say I’m a marshmallow”.  This is a shout out to her fans, who refer to themselves as marshmallows much like ‘Scandal’ fans refer to themselves as “Gladiators”.  During the first episode, her friend Wallace calls her a marshmallow after he is exposed to her soft side.  He says,

“You’re a marshmallow, Veronica Mars; A Twinkie.”

During her post episode monologue she reiterates that and it has stuck ever since.

The movie hits theaters on March 14th but until then enjoy the 2 minute sneak peek!

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